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    OK. I'm hoping for a miracle here...

    I just got my Pre yesterday and so far I love it with only one major won't allow a wireless data connection from my TomTom Go 930. Before I got the Pre, I had a Sprint Mogul. Over on XDA-Developers I was able to get a little hack that enabled BT DUN which allowed me to manually connect my TomTom to my Mogul. Here's the link to where I found that (

    I'm assuming that the Pre has the same lack of BT DUN capability out of the box. I'm hoping that one of you genius programmers can come up with a way to enable BT DUN on the Pre without rooting the phone. I've got 29 more days left to evaluate the Pre without penalty. If I can't get this solved by then, I'm going to have to take it back and move over to ATT and the iPhone...but I really don't want to.
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    Forgot to mention, the reason I need the data connection for the TomTom is that's how it gets live traffic information. And I just renewed my traffic subscription with TomTom last month. That's why it has to win vs. the Pre if I can't find a hack.
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    BT DUN works out-of-the-box but your plan must include Phone-as-modem in order for it to work. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Sprint$ $is$ $not$ $allowing$ $PAM$ $on$ $plans$ $that$ $support$ $the$ $Pre$. $So$ $unless$ $there$ $is$ $some$ $sort$ $of$ $oversight$ $or$ $accident$ $on$ $Sprint$'$s$ $part$, $you$ $are$ $probably$ $out$ $of$ $luck$.
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    Yeah, that was the same deal as my Sprint Mogul before. Luckily some clever programmer found a way to make the Mogul work without a PAM plan. Obviously Windows Mobile and WebOS are totally different. I'm just hoping...

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