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    so when i go to the phone screen to dial a number

    there are two buttons at the bottom. the voicemail and the missed calls

    those buttons will not work no matter what position i tap, its really annoying because i always end up hitting the call button

    yet when i get pop up messages and check my calender the bottom of the screen accepts my taps just fine?

    also i have a really hard time unlocking the phone i can never use my thumb and have to try numerous times to get the lock to follow my finger upwards

    what can i do about this problem i really liek the pre

    should i just live with it

    or try to exchange it because of not responsive buttons an take a chance of fate again

    any tips will help
    thanks in advance
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    Have you rooted or modified your Pre in anyway? Try using Palm's WebOS doctor to restore your Pre. If that doesn't work, then you might have to go get a replacement.

    Keep me updated.
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    Yeah, thats not normal Pre functions...I've actually had zero issues with my pre's touchscreen out side of the launcher's delay when you first try to scroll. But thats literally half a second then its almost 1-to-1.
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    I have had the occasional slowdown or absence of responsiveness. Then a few minutes later all is normal. As a long-term Treo user, I recognize this as more than likely occurring while the phone is in data mode in some way. It is rare, and not nearly bothersome enough to return the phone, but at times it's irritating. The common one for me is pressing on the upper right corner to bring up the wife/BT menu. Especially when roaming, that becomes intermittently responsive. I don't think it's related to my phone; I think it's what priorities the OS is given.
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    Is your phone warm? That area corresponds to where the cpu is when the slider is closed, which could effect the responsiveness of the touch area if the phone is too warm.
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    The phone is like this 24/7 I'm staring to think the bottom of my screen is messed up wheneever I click a link forinstance I have to scroll up to the middle or top of the screen to click it. At first I thought it was greasy fingers so I bought a bodyguardz protector but that didn't help much....
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    I wonder if you screen has started cracking underneath. When my last Pre was about to go, the touchscreen started acting all wonky, and it was because the screen was cracking. Look at it kinda sideways with the screen off, and you might see some small hairline cracks.

    If that's the case, replace it at a Sprint store.

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