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    NEW CUSTOMER = $99 after $100 MIR through

    Update: If you are a current Sprint customer, it is 299.99.

    Update 2: Order ships in two days.


    CrunchDeals: $99 for a Palm Pre today only

    Actual site:

    Palm Pre (Sprint) |

    This deal is for 8/3/2009 only (today for those of you off the grid )

    Happy hunting.
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    Really? No takers? I already have my Pre from launch day. Just figured there might be a few of you hold outs that might want to take advantage of this.
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    not as good as BB cause you have to wait for backorder, then wait for rebate. Glad I got my pre thanks to screw up BB
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    I've had mine since beginning of July and absolutely love it...or I would check it out.

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