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    When I go to the update app to check updates it takes forever and never even finishes before I say screw this and close the app. It seriously takes 10+ minutes and then I close it. It just says checking for updates. Anyone have any issues with this and any way i might be able to fix this. I have tried on wifi and also on evdo and nothing.

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    Give her a quick reboot. Sometimes that helps!

    Edit...ahahahahah a quick reboot....seriously though, it's done that to me before and a fresh boot helped. Using wifi or evdo?
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    Do a partial reset. Go to preferences then reset options. This happened to me while trying to update to 1.0.4. It worked fine for me
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    I had to turn it off as my battery was dead, I charged it and then powered it back on which took like 10 freaking minutes but it does work now. Thanks guys.

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    I have had the same problem for the past week - EVDO or wifi as well. Did you get a fix?

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