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    well I'm going on vacation to israel for a couple weeks, I'm just wondering if my Pre will work over there. I had the Samsung Upstage before and it worked fine connecting to cellcom or something(an Israeli mobile phone company) and I know the iPhone works there, so what are the odds my pre will too?
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    Pelephone uses CDMA. Ask Sprint about roaming.
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    They have 1X data to roam on. Voice is expensive and data a la carte is expensive ($16 dollars/MB). Get the $40 dollar worldwide data add on. It's unlimited data wherever they have roaming enabled and you can add and remove it as you please.
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    If one can get coverage, like you said you've already done, why would the Pre not work?

    This is like the thread asking why a text sent from the Pre isn't received on an iPhone but is on others.
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    lol @ JKTex

    just trying to make sure thanks for the info.

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