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  • PMP Sounds ( uodated)

    9 42.86%
  • My Notification

    12 57.14%
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpmypre View Post
    I had to put off development to help my buddies with PreLoad, but I'm on track to letting you change sounds for individual actions (email, sms, etc.) Without rooting or changing Palm code.

    When we have PreLoad's bugs worked out, I can get back to it.
    It's my pet project.
    And that would give your app the definite advantage in the comparison. This has always been in the top three of features Pre owners want on their phone that Palm still hasn't "fixed".
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpmypre View Post
    Really? This old debate again?

    Poll on who was out first and had the first functionality that was copied.

    No matter - PMP Sounds V3 will give much more rooting-free access and end this silliness.
    We're all Pre owners trying to make a community. Sorry if we don't buy into the sites owned by large corporations trying to make more $ and aren't really interested in a community if it doesn't produce dollars.
    I will respond with my experience so far. PMP is faster downloading an .ipk file.

    I was downloading a Geocache file on FileCoaster it was lagging big time, then I decided to open Pimop My Pre Pre-loader. Preloader was faster, wayy faster. as far as the Pimp my sounds Vs Mynotification I am happy with my notification.

    So I use preloader for Pre based .ipk file loading Nice work

    And another huge thanks for developers here, Keeping with the true nature of Linux and Opensource.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    Well, it looks to me (although I could be wrong) that Preload is based directly off FileCoaster. I use FileCoaster for most of my installing needs, although PreLoad has one function that I can't get FC to do: you can copy/paste a wallpaper, and it's instantly usable on the Pre.
    I notice Preload is Faster than Filecoaster!

    Not to sound pretentious, but currently PreCentral is the place for homebrew apps. When a app comes out of no where and does something similar to an existing app, I agree its the users choice which they wanna use, but it's only natural for people to wonder which people find easier to use, and how they compare feature-wise. I don't believe the original point of this thread was to insult either software, just compare the 2.
    Thank You! I am just trying to find out through User experience which App served the population better or which one they preferred. My Poll is Unbiased! However based on some attitudes I would most likely go towards the path of least resistance.
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