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    If the treo pro can sync with napster why not the pre?!
    So much better to use napster than itunes.

    I'm so sick of having to convert each mp3 than look for the album art.
    Sometimes itunes finds it and sometimes it does not.

    To think that the first time I sync the pre with my PC napster saw the pre and I was able to sync music to it. So I know it can be done, I was syncing with napster for like 3 days. Than had to format my pc because of some issues and now napster sees it but will not let me sync.

    Please palm FORGET ITUNES and give us/ ME napster and other BETTER options!
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    I'd definately like this.
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    +1 I thought I was the only one. Several gigs of Napster DRM tunes on my 755P and almost nothing on my pre. Sigh!
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    Forget syncing, just tell napster to release an app for their streaming service. I use napster's $5/month streaming service now, and it has a TON to offer. I would love to have it follow me on the road.
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    Yes - please allow Napster DRM to work on this. iTunes is a nice selling point, but the Apple people already have their phone. Bring Napster to the People!
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    Sorry to say this, but this is why you should always avoid DRM from the beginning. Even if the Pre eventually does support it, what about your next gadget? And the one after that?

    I prefer Pandora(or because they are much cheaper(or free) and it will run on anything with flash and a web browser. If you want to buy a song to keep forever you can get it from amazon in a relatively high quality file with no DRM.
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    What Palm needs to also allow is a way to put music on your Pre without having to sync it to ANY program... I miss the days of Ptunes and drag-n-drop'n music to my device...
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    Folk, let me clue you in on a little secret. You can have all the free mp3s you can download for $14/month, using Napster. How? With a subscription to Napster, you can download their DRM protected WMA music files. Then, using a software program called Tunebite, you can convert all those files to MP3. Then put them on your pre, or any MP3 player of your choosing.

    Tunebite is about $30. What it does is, it plays the song on your computer, and records it while it is playing. Not only that, it accellerates the playing, so that it can record 3 times the playing speed. Not only that, but it can record more than one song at a time.

    Tunebite claims that what it does is the same as taping a song off the radio. They have been around for several years, so if the music companies don't like them, they haven't been able to stop them yet.

    I have Napster, and with Tunebite, it gives us thousands of songs for the cost of 14 itunes songs every month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrupul0us View Post
    What Palm needs to also allow is a way to put music on your Pre without having to sync it to ANY program... I miss the days of Ptunes and drag-n-drop'n music to my device...
    Ummm, you can drag and drop music to the Pre.
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    +1 for Tunebite.It's worth every penny spent, at least for me cause it saves me a lot of trouble when it comes to converting all sorts of files.
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    well I don't necesarily want to steal music. So I am in for Napster TOGO, I love Napster as well. Having a player that would sync with subscription music would be killer.

    When I had Treo Pocket Tunes allowed Rhapsody togo service and the guy that built the Music Player or whatever it is called for the Pre isn't interested in making it Rhapsody or Napster compatible. So I am looking for that.
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    I hope that youre right cause I went from a Centro to the Pre and thats the one big thing I miss.

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