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    Off Topic: I bought my Pre last night right around closing time at Best Buy. Got it all set up and went on my merry way. Got home and began playing with it but notice a nice gap between the top of the screen and the back. When I would push on it gently it'd make a nice clicking noise and sound like it was popping back into place. Also I had a pretty nice amount of oreo going on so lets just say I was a bit aggravated. I brough it back to Best Buy this afternoon and they promptly replaced it for me and this one seems much better. Funny thing is, the one I returned had a build date of 7/7/09 and my new one is 7/1/09.

    Back on Topic: So I have my AIM account linked to my Pre and I love it. Except for the fact when I'm on my computer talking to people, every message that I receive is also sent to my phone. Is their any way, other than logging out of the account, to prevent every message being received to the phone? Any help would be appreciated.
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    nope, you gotta log out... its annoying
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    It's odd that your desktop client lets you log in at 2 places. Then again, the few times I use it, I use Trilion and it'll prompt me that I'm already logged in. If I log in elsewhere, it drops on the desktop with a message.
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    Up-1 for Trillian Astra

    I usually don't keep AIM online unless I'm directly talking to someone at the time because it drains the Just log out until you have to go mobile with your Pre, then just log back in.
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    And to log off do you only tap the area where it says "Available" and change it to "Sign Off"?? Thanks for the help.

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