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    I know there a million things people on this board want Palm to do by yesterday but...................I think Palm has been, and will continue to be, extremely responsive to feedback.

    I emailed Palm about two changes that needed to be made on its website and the changes were made within a week.

    Updates for the Pre have been steady and great. Apps are coming in droves in the Fall.

    Loving my Pre. It's only going to get better!
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    Its amazing to me all the changet that have been made so far. I can wait to see what is coming for this device. I agree Palm is still working had on this device
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    I'm still convinced that we'll see more apps by the end of August. Whether that's considered the "Fall" or not, I'm not sure.
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    I would have to agree, the windfall is yet to arrive, but it will, and those if us with a Pre and not waiting for one will be happy campers.

    Now Palm, don't let us down!!

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