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    After noticing the recent update included fixes to google calendar I decided to get a gmail account and use google calendar. Especially since it syncs easily with the pre. SMS calendar events is great and easy to use. But after a couple of days of using gmail and google calendar on my pre I started to wonder. Why did I buy a pre when I using google apps? I might as well have bought an Android phone. I wonder if that was Palm's intent to focus on google software because you dont see updates or sync related updates to yahoo, hotmail, or aim email/calendar apps.
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    I chose a Pre over an Android phone due to better hardware, better carrier, and seamless sync with Google, Exchange, and Facebook. Those are the three services I use most for professional and personal contact/calendar management so the Pre was a perfect choice. Honestly I don't know anyone who uses Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL anymore. Anyone using free webmail moved to Gmail for the better interface, storage, and built in text/audio/video chat in-browser.
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    By your thinking anyone using exchange for email should be using a windows mobile device then.

    I personally really like gmail and google apps and love the integration with the pre.
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    exchange is a different animal. I get the whole synergy thing. Because most people have several personal and business accounts which ppl want to use on one device. It just courious why pre focuses on google stuff. I signed up for gmail but I've been using hotmail for years and will continue to do so. I just recently started to using google calendar because the pre calendar is subpar. I'm sure Android phones are able to sync with google apps, exchange, and Facebook just as good as the pre.
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    I have always had a google account but never really used it until I got the pre, It just made everything so much easier. E-mail, contacts, calendar, everything in one place and easily synced.
    What I am curious about is that they made everything google friendly and even have "google" as an option in universal search, but in their ad they made reference to bing. lol was that coincidence or what?
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    Besides, Google loves crawling through your email to target advertising at you. That's got to be worth something to drive people to it. Especially to get people's calendars too.

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