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    I have my settings for 1 minute but I'm noticing that my backlight is dimming randomly after like 10 seconds or so while browsing or other apps. Did I miss something? Also it doesn't always come back on when I yap the screen, only when it wants to

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    Mine actually went full bright last night on me. Checked and it was still set full low. Adjusted it up then back down and it was good to go.

    Maybe my cigar's smoke got in it's eyes and it had to brighten up.

    But it's never dimmed prematurity though.
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    Mike, i noticed mine doing the same thing starting yesterday. screen slighty dims every so often then brightens back up when it feels like it. no idea whats causing it, but im wondering if this is related to my ****ty battery life that started happening after 1.1
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    The screen is designed to auto dim after a short period of time of no activity such as screen touches or key presses. This time may vary depending on the set time for turning the screen off. Normally the screen will brighten upon a screen touch or key press if it has been dimmed according to the previous inactivity. I supposed it is possible there could be delay. There is also an ambient light sensor that will automatically dim and brighten the screen as well. Although I don't think it works very well. Doesn't seem to dim and brighten the screen on mine or isn't scaling the brightness enough to notice it. I do notice the keyboard light up so the sensor must be working.
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    I first noticed it when I got my replacement about a month ago. I'd be using ereader in classic, and the screen would suddenly go a notch dim. And randomly go back to normal. Kinda annoying while reading.

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