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    Idk if its like this everywhere... but in the Pittsburgh, PA area i have only seen like 3 people with a pre... i just thought this was weird seeing so few pres around here because it still has pretty steady sales, but nobody seem to have it. Idk not really a big deal... but what do you think?
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    I think that 100k phones sold in the US does not mean you'll see them all over the place, even in big metro areas. It's hardly a nibble of a dent in a small slice of market share.

    I rarely see iPhones. BB's however; they're like flies at a picnic.
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    I have yet to see a single person in Manhattan with one besides's crackberry iphone
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    400k pres in the us, 300+ million people, and you're shocked you haven't seen many people with pres???
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    I live in the DFW area of Texas and I haven't seen anyone else with one. I guess it just takes time.
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    The only time I ever saw any (besides mine and my girlfriend's) was launch weekend at a concert. I saw a few people in the crowd who, like myself, were holding their Pre phones up to try out the camera during the show.
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    the rn supervisor at my work actually has a pre. we are always sharing ideas and comments lol. i havent seen anyone else in my area though.
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    havent seen another 1 in manhattan
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    I saw a few at WDW back in June and then one at HersheyPark but here in B-more not really any around except in or around the stores.

    The thing is they are keeping them in stock right now but not to the point where they have to push them yet. I think they will start a real push here this month with stock levels coming up and bugs being worked out.

    Once the App store comes out of Beta , I think you will see a huge push.
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    the only time i saw two other pres in my town was when i bought it and there was a couple purchasing two pres,

    My manager comes up to me and tells me in a whispering voice: "Hey i heard you got the Pre?"
    I was like ummmm yeah i do,
    he stares at me and leaves i was like AWKWARD!!!

    ok i go to the office and i see two of my other managers standing in the doorway and one of them says "let him pass because hes got the phone of all phones the PALM PRE I was like wtf lol "

    lol and that day they kept asking questions about it i tried to act cool about it and not brag but i so wanted to rub it on their faces

    So point is the palm pre is a known phone people know its out there and its considered a really good phone
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    I've seen a few in Queens, NY.

    I also know 3 of my friends with one.

    But in general, NYC is all iPhones and BB.
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    I do hear that there is a decent amount of people who have bought it in my area, but I have yet to see one in anyones hand. But then again I don't really pay attention to other ppls phone when walkin around.
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    i have seen a few in san francisco, and i've been approached by many people in public, who wanted to know if that was a palm pre i was using.
    right now, it totally reminds of when i first bought my mini cooper in 2003. there were so few of us, that we actually waved to each other....
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMace23 View Post
    Idk if its like this everywhere... but in the Pittsburgh, PA area i have only seen like 3 people with a pre... i just thought this was weird seeing so few pres around here because it still has pretty steady sales, but nobody seem to have it. Idk not really a big deal... but what do you think?
    I use to live in Pittsburgh so this can be explained...

    I live in Seattle, and I have only seen 3... 2 in Sprint stores (1 owned by a customer, 1 being purchased) and 1 on the bus. 2 of the 3 loved webOS but were concerned about the build quality.
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    I actually know four people who have the Pre, but that's only because I'm really good at evangelizing this stuff.

    And three of them are in my head.

    But outside of my circle, none. Though I have had a few questions of "Oooh, is that the Palm Pre?" Not many, but enough.
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    One of my co-workers has one but that's it.
    Not many people have Sprint in my area.
    Also, remember most people are locked into their 2-year contracts, I think as they expire, we'll see more Pres out there.
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    I am from the City of there is a least one other Pre here!

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    I've seen many Pre's in both Houston and San Antonio. I was just at a party in San Ant and saw 4 other Pre's at that party.
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    I know of at least 1 guy in the Pittsburgh area with one, one of the Salesmen at Best Buy at Robinson has one. He's the guy that sold me my Pre. I'm down Steubenville OH way. One of my friend's down here has one too. So there are a few of us within 45 minutes of Pittsburgh anyway.
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    Pittsburgh did not seem to have a shortage of Pre's. Both my fiancee and I have them (I made her get one, she loves it). We got ours by accident on launch day. I had no intentions of camping out to get one, but wanted to take a look at one later in the afternoon. I went to the Sprint store in Monroeville (one of the bigger ones in the area) and sure enough they still had Pre's. So even though I didn't plan on getting two at launch, I ended up doing so.

    I think Pittsburghers might be a little bit behind the times. Plus sprint coverage is awful. My phone was even roaming once while I was outside, in the middle of Frick park.
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