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    I'm in Atlanta and have yet to see a Pre in the wild, besides mine. The only time I saw it in the hands of others was on launch day in store. Although on launch day EVERY customer that walked through the door was asking for the Pre while I was sitting there getting the last one in the place activated. Priceless!
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    I saw 2 Pre's while I was on vacation the other week. 1 in Seattle while I was waiting to go up to the Space Needle and 1 in Cabos, Mexico! Someone in my resort had the phone, which was pretty cool to see. In total, I've seen about 2 other Pre's in New York City.

    I think it's only a matter of time before you see more people with the Pre's. My family has 3, and I have 3 other friends on their way to buying the Pre. I have a few other friends who want to get the Pre but have another year locked in their contract. People are just wowed by how awesome the phone and webOS is when I show them what my Pre can do. If only the Palm Pre commercials could do the Pre justice more people would want it.
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    It's not a really big deal that I don't see fellow Pre owners in my area, but I'm sure that when they mark down the prices, advertise, and appeal to the general public more that you might run into a few people. The problem is that you just don't get to see every person's phone.

    It would make my day if I do run into someone who owns a Pre. I've already gotten some glances and discussions about how cool the phone is.
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    I'm in New York and I've seen 4 other Pre's roaming about.
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    To answer the OP's question; nah, I don't think it's Sprint's "fault". Just what happes when a new device comes out that has limited availability. It'll ramp up.
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    I saw one of the ladies at where I work had one, I was chatting with my friends (showing of the Pre of course), she came into their office to ask a question, then asks me if I've seen the new Palm Pre yet? I ask her, oh like this one (holding mine up), she says no, like this one (and holds hers up).. Then I told her how to install homebrew apps..
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