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    Lets preface with a backstory. My fiancee is in afghanistan. Has been for the past 6 months. Will be for the next 6 months.

    She's able to call, maybe, about once every 2 weeks. She called me today. I heard the ring. I clicked the connect button except the pre took awhile. It didn't connect the call, it first went into loading up the dialpad app. Backing out of an app that was already opened, opening the dialpad, and THEN trying to connect.

    When the dialpad app was ready I ended up with a "missed call" message instead. And then a voicemail message. So she stayed for all the rings. Pre just didn't connect it fast enough.

    Is there anyway to make the Pre load this ish faster? Maybe make it take more rings til a person has to leave a VM.

    Is there anyway to make it connect the call without having to load up the app.

    God the phone pissed me off I almost crushed it. I was so mad. If it happens again I'm certain to destroy the phone in a fit of rage.
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    Mine connects fine...within in a second or 2.
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    I know what you mean, and its really annoying...
    however i've found that the pre makes the connection before the greendial pad shows up

    so i used to wait until i saw the dialpad (which naturally i assumed would mean the connection is complete)...but in reality people were already waiting on the other side

    so maybe try forcing yourself to say "hello" before the dialpad shows up
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    mine is 50/50.....mine does the same thing as ur does (sometimes) and other times it connects fast mine u....when u answer the call and the card is loading up the call is active already just pull the fone in ur ear and talk u dont have to w8 for the card to come up...but ur right the pre sometimes hangs up bc it takes forever to answer....and u end up with a missed call...very annoying
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    Worse than bad, it's awful. I mean it is a phone right? They got rid of some lag in the last update, however, it continues to have issues. This results in missed calls and other times I hit the button too many times thinking it didn't take and end up in a jacked up conference call mode. The phone software has issues. Buddy of mine has the same phone and the same problems.

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