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    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Is there a way to shut off the lock? I'm not sure I really like it all that much for certain situations. (Like when it's just sitting on my table and a call comes in) - ** btw took a long car trip used Pandora the whole ride (5 hrs) - phone calls came in, Pandora dipped out, took the call through my car speaker (aux jack) ended call, Pandora pops back up picks up where it left off, text comes in same thing as with the phone call ** - Sweet Pre!

    Thanks in advance-
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    I don't think there is an easy way right now. You should be able to if you root the pre and change some of the code.

    I think it's it's there to keep you from calling china or something on accident if your phone was in your pocket.
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    Damn, I always wanted to talk in Chinese. - Thanks for info bro.
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    I really like it. It's like a passive keygaurd that's easy to manage.
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    ^ Agreed. But I don't like the position of it. You can't see who's calling. You have to unlock it to see the caller ID. I like the idea but the positioning of the slider lock or the call info should be modified.

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