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    Nice COllection of Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Brothers Ringtones!


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    thanks man they were sweet~!
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    These are tight..This is great because we make fun of my manager at my job because he looks EXACTLY like Mario i guess i know what ringtone he's gonna I would love that 1 up sound for the text message notification. To bad we can't change it.
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    very cool stuff. but mine is the EPIC ending theme from mgs3. still gives me the chills.
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    you guys might still need to change some of the MSG wave files to mp3's.
    Still are great. I love the Found ringtone. I use it for my text messages.
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    If I email this to my pre amd dl the file, where is it stored on pre?
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    MGS ringtones were awesome!
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    Nice, i used to have to have MGS tone on my iphone.

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