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    There is a little battery pack called 3G Juice (and similar products) for iPhone that just plug into the iPhone connector to charge the iPhone on the go. Although the Pre has bad battery life, so does the iPhone 3G and especially the 3GS.

    I wonder if anybody make this type of device with a micro-USB connector. Yes, it would look odd hanging off the side but it would be great for a person to have in an emergency, or maybe about to go into a long meeting or for a woman to connect and put in her purse it could be very helpful. Depending on how long it stays charging, it either gets you out of the emergency or gives you a fully charged phone.

    I have friends that own the 3G and 3GS that can't get through the day without this type of device and it seems that we could use something like it on our Pre.
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    I have seen devices similar to what you are talking about. But these work different. It looks like a external battery and then you just have to plug in the usb cable to the battery and then to ur phone. It'll charge it.
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    I came across this, which claims to work for the Pre, curious to know if anyone has purchased one of these. I'd like to get one but I want to be sure it works with the Pre.

    I can't post the link since I have less than 10 posts, but if you go to www dot voltdepot dot com and search for the Amstron PP17 you will see it.
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    Um, why on earth would you want that option as opposed to just getting the 2600mha extended battery?

    Less obtrusive and double the battery life.
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    I think you see devices like this because the iPhone's battery can't be replaced. Seems to be that with the Pre, you'd be better off buying a second battery, and using it.
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    The one I saw for pre had 7 times the battery life so you could charge it 7 times in a day. My kinda juice!

    I thought you mighta been talking about an OS-HGH OS-growth hormone talkin bout juice.
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    It is a bit obtrusive. I want something that will allow me to use the Pre on long plane trips without worrying about the battery draining while on the flight. If the 2600 mha has double the juice that would probably work.
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    there's a bunch of them out and ones with a mini plug can be used with an adapter.

    I have a motorola P790 and just use an adapter with it. I can charge mine, the kids (Exclaim) and wifes centro all off this one devise. It's great to have for places we will be at all day with no charger ability.

    I know CallPod has the Fueltank (bestbuy even sells it) and you can get a Pre adapter for that . I have 2 callpods and was looking at this but couldn't find any as cheap as the P790 and I will only need it once in a great while.

    i have a Spare battery as well but to carry one thing and 2 adapters to charge or boost all 3 phones to get us buy just works better for us.
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    Both seidio and amzer have a number of extended batteries ranging from 1350mAh to nearly 4000mAh. So depending on how much you want to get out of the pre when no option to charge you could get one of them. Alternatively you could swap between two batteries though unless you regularly swap between the two batteries long term shelving a battery will result in it going bad. I personally will be getting one of the extended batteries as soon as they are touchstone compatible, I'm still weighing size etc to determine which one I will get.

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