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    Ok, so I had the problem with the text messages of one of my contacts not showing up after i delete the whole thread. What happens is that, when i erase the thread, that persons message is still there, but it doesnt show. Now, when you write in their name in search for messages, it shows up. Ok, seems like a single bug. Now watch this.
    I also noticed a few other people posted they were having this problem. One said it was their wife, the other his girlfriend. Another said it was a "friend". I just realized something, how come it only happened to their significant other?
    My contact that their messages disappeared was "Babe". I wanted to know now, for the rest of you, is the contact that doesnt show up called "babe"? Maybe this is a feature Palm implemented to hide messages from a signifant other. Tell me what you guys think. And if this happened to you. If not, make a contact named Babe and try this. Send them a few messages, and delete the whole thread, then send them one more message and see if it shows in the messaging app.
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    This is a common problem after installing update 1.1. Try a Partial Erase.
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    this is common but i wouldnt suggesst going through an entire partial erase just erase the contact that keeps disappearing and just re-enter it... it shold fix it!

    good luck!
    The Pre does WORK
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    Thanks Seespot. I'll thank you when I access PreCentral on my desktop. Thanked.

    I had one of my contacts - who is a male coworker, not significant other - experience this issue. I deleted the offending contact and readded him. His SMS conversation then appeared out of no where.

    Thanks again!!
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