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    Hey everyone,

    I was fooling around w/ the browser in landscape mode and I found this.

    When in landscape mode, use the gestures area to have a smooth scrolling.

    i.e. Swipe up to move down, Swipe down to move up. The only reason i like this is, its a consistent scroll. Very smooth and you wont over scroll like you can when flicking the screen.

    Also GREAT for one handed use

    Not sure if this is new... but i didnt find any other topics of it.
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    i've been doing this for a while now and it works really well one handed
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    Yeah, I recently discovered this trick, too. It makes scrolling smooth because it will scroll just one screen down at a time, so you don't end up scrolling too far. I love finding little features like this on the pre!
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    Sorry to burst the bubble, but this has been out since the beginning

    I use it all the time myself, perfect for scrolling while reading an article online. It doesn't go down a full screen length but more like a 3/4 of one so you can see where you were just reading.
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    Ohh I'm sorry everyone.. I just found this out and thought it never existed or that it was something that came w/ the new update. Oh well Still happy I found it hah.
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    It's all good man
    Maybe someone didn't know about this yet
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    I actually didn't know about this feature. Thanks for the post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkfox View Post

    It's all good man
    Maybe someone didn't know about this yet
    I didn't Thanks
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    Yeah, new to me too. Thanks!
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    New to me also. Just make sure if you have the advanced gestures turned on that you don't go across the whole gesture area or you will switch to the next card instead of scrolling.
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    Tntsniper, THANKS! I've had this phone since launch and live on here, but I'd never heard of this before. Very much appreciated.
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    good stuff!! Happy I could help! This phone seems to have a lot of little in's and outs that a lot of us don't know!!
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    This was news to me! Thanks!
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    Add me to the list of people who didn't know about this. And I doubt I'd ever have found it on my own. Thanks!
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    They showed that feature off in the CES video.....the one were the Pre was introduced to the's been known for a good looking out man!
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    I get checker board pattern no matter what screen orientation I use. The Pre browser really seems to suck as far as rendering.
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    Page down in landscape is one of my favorite features of the Pre. It's news reading bliss, and puts the iPhone to shame in this regard.

    Now that has been optimized for the Pre, it makes reading that paper and others a pleasure.
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    This is new to me too! Thanks for sharing
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    Didn't know
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    S I D E B A R!!!!!!!

    Ok I have a question I just got a palm pre and i'm really inexperienced with doing all this technical stuff but I saw this prebrew installer thing so I downloaded it onto my computer and everything is running fine and i put the app mynotifications on my phone that was simple but now it seems as though i can't get any of the sounds for my original notifications to work and the mynotifications app isnt working either so what do i do i'm stuck?!?! And also i'm planning on deleting prebrew will that damage the computer?
    :Answers and help would be very much appreciated.
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