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    Right now, I tried to update the citysearch app. When I tried to, the pre told me that I had run out of memory and needed to delete apps from the phone. I have about 5 gb free on here. Is there a limit to the number of apps you can install? (I have an assload of homebrew on here.)
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    I think the partition of Apps has nothing to do with how much internal memory you have.

    I think there is from others reporting a limit to how much Space you have to put apps in. So it might not be a hard number ( say 50apps)but the amount of space ( 2gb )it takes for those apps.
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    Looks like this thread was already started with a similar problem

    and here:

    Looks like the pre is maxing out at 87 - 91 apps... very odd.
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    Something you need to keep in mind is that there is a hard limit of space for the directory in which development applications get installed to. The homebrew community uses the same directory to install all homebrew which means it fills up quickly where as actual, app catalog applications each get their own directory.

    Hopefully the homebrew community will change their strategy soon .

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