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    So it all started with my first Pre that had to be replaced because of dead pixels. The Sprint Store ordered me a refurbished unit that came today. This unit is a 5/26 unit, refurbed on 7/22 that suffers from a dimes-width gap and compression squeaking when its held up to your ear on a call. Even though the screen is free from dead pixels, the build quality is so much worse than my 7/10 unit I can't accept it. I can't afford a phone that doesn't last the two year contact.

    I went to four corporate Sprint stores today and none of them would help me out with a replacement unit. Finally I decided to call Sprint up and a tech support woman told me that I was entitled to a brand-new in store unit and I could trade in my refurbished unit for it. The last Sprint Store I went to today wasn't going to have that, she claimed there was no way for her to process a return after 30 days, manufacturers defect or not.

    She said that she could either order me another refurb (with the remote possibility that it could be new, I call BS) or to call Palm customer service up and play my one-year manufacturers defect warranty and have them send me a brand new unit. They're closed right now but I'm going to give them a call first thing tomorrow morning.

    I haven't seen a lot of talk about exchanges through Palm so much as I have seen the Sprint Store. It seems I don't have as friendly of Sprint Store employees around here as some of you guys do so I'm hoping Palm will give me more help. What can I expect?
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    They will probably give you two options. One will be to send your phone in for replacement. The other is to give you an advanced exchange--- this will require you to send your old unit back, and they will place a hold in the amount of $499 (I think that's it.... could be wrong) on your credit card. When your phone is received by them, they will lift the hold and send you a brand new phone.
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    What can you expect? A peanut butter sandwich, spare tire for a '47 MG, torn page out of a romance novel?

    You've been to 4 Sprint stores and talked to Sprint CS. You know more wha to expect than anyone. For one, if CS said you should get a new phone, then let them facilitate that exchange. Give them names and store locations that are refusing to do so.

    Then, you can expect a resolution of some sort.
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    My first Pre had dead pixels, bad proximity sensor, non working apps, etc. Sprint exchanged it for a refurb. 1 week in it starts randomly resetting and gets stuck in headset mode. Called CS and they issue another refurb. I got that one yesterday. Turn it on and activate it. Dead pixels, and the picture folder says its corrupt and wont open. To top it off the Act date is 1-1-05.

    I called CS this morning and they told me they will not send me another phone. He then told me if I wanted it replaced I would have to pay for and offered me an early upgrade. I went through the roof! After going off about how absurd it was he then tells me I can pay the $100 and use insurance. I yelled at him and asked him why he was trying to make me pay for a phone when they were sending me defective crap.

    He says that its me and not the phones. The phones are checked before leaving the warehouse. I told him obviously not as I found these defects within 5 min. I again go off about how absurd this is. He then says I can take it to a repair store. "But if there is even the slightest scratch WE WILL NOT TAKE IT." I told him I hadn't even had the phone 24 hrs, I didn't break the damn phone!!!

    Anyway, that's my story. Good luck!

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