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    I am! I am in what Sprint considers a good\great signal area and I get 0-1 bars where I live, both inside and out. I get 5 bars for 2-3 seconds, then it flashes back to 1 bar or switches to roam. My signal is going all over the place and I am suffering from poor call quality and dropped calls. Anyone else still experiencing this? I've done the PRL updates, Network updates, etc nothing seems to fix it. Ideas? I've played with the roaming settings as well. I'm hoping its a firmware thing and Palm fixes it, but they haven't said anything about signal that being poor or erratic from what I've read.
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    From my own personal experience, my reception is the same as when I first got the phone. Its not Sprint b/c I have had them for years and have not had any problems. Now with the Pre I have had several dropped calls. When I inquire they (Sprint) say there is an update coming. Not sure if it will ever get fixed, but I hope it does.
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    yup my Pre's signal fluctuates too. My Sprint store keeps saying its a "known issue"
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    Same here, both my wife and my Pre's signal fluctuates wildly (no bars -> 5 bars -> 2 bars -> 3 bars -> no bars -> etc)...
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    sometimes only at home tho
    almost everywhere else is 3+ bars
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    Only had 2 dropped calls so far. First time was when the power went out for our entire area (it affected about 10-20 square miles I believe) so I would assume that was a power issue with the tower.

    The second time was during an incredibly heavy storm.

    Other than that my signal between my Pre and my wife's Pre is exactly the same as any other Sprint phone I've ever had. Are you certain this is an issue with the Pre and not your area? Seems odd that both of our phones (3 if you count my wife's first Pre which had to be returned due to an issue with it randomly shutting off) have the same signal strength as every other Sprint phone I've ever had throughout the PA and MD areas but there be an actual "problem" with the Pre.

    In fact, I've never seen a smartphone released where users didn't complain "when are they going to fix the signal issues?".

    So I'm not entirely convinced there is an "issue".
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    i get great signal everywhere except home which is weird cuz i was fine wit the treo, i can go anywhere in a hospital and get signal when no other company gets signal but soon as i get home on the first floor i get no signal and it drops every call...upstairs is ok though which is confusing me
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    My Treo 700p and 755 used to get decent signal in my house/room. The Pre does not :/ I'll wait for the 3g Femtocell
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    Ive never had any problems with call quality or dropped calls but the bars and data network do change. At home I have 5 bars of EVDO which goes to 1X sometimes when I use pandora. Also at work it moves between evdo, 1x and roaming all the time.
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    My Pre's signal is significantly weaker than my old phone, which was a Treo 755p.
    I get a good signal but then there are times where its is only 1 or 2 bars, and/or no EVDO where I had full signal and fast EVDO on my Treo in the exact same location.
    Also, a couple of times my text messaging completely failed to work. I had a good signal and EVDO but could not send or receive txt messages.
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    My signal sucks anywhere I go indoors and outdoors like 0to1 bars then the dam R pops up then you cant even log on to anything in your apps like navigation,maps ,WHERE.So on and so on. It even does it when your Wi-Fi is good.and I live in LA.Cali.Iam with you grebnehtor & kmehr IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The bars on my Pre bounce all over the place too. However, as far as signal quality goes I have yet to drop a call or have degraded call quality. As a matter of fact there is a spot on a highway on my way to and from work that I lost my signal everytime I passed, I have yet to lose my signal at this spot with my Pre in the week that I have owned it. My previous phone was a Touch Diamond. So I would have to say I get better signal and call quality with my Pre.
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    My old (OK, it's been gone for 3 days now) Treo 700p had a bug for the past several months where it would lock up if it switched to roaming. A few weeks ago, I moved into a new office at work, and there was marginal coverage at my desk. The Treo would bounce between full bars, 1 bar, no bars, and roaming while sitting on my desk charging. Needless to say, after a few hours of resetting it when it locked up after switching to roam, I set the phone to "home only" mode to keep it running. It still did the horrible bouncing bars, which I suspect was Verizon's signal being mis-represented as Sprint's for a split second. Some days there was enough signal to make phone calls, and other days there wasn't, despite the phone being in the same charging cradle on the same desk.

    Long story short. the Pre was indicating roam on Thursday sitting on my desk, and bouncing on Friday. Two different phones with the same exact symptoms in the same marginal coverage area. Looks like it's normal, and has something to do with weak coverage in a given area.....
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    Major problems after 1.1 for me.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    i thought it was just me, i've had 4 dropped calls since i got it last monday. 1 of them was when i was sitting in my room, at home, not moving anywhere.

    this is no good, with my old HTC Diamond, i NEVER had a dropped call.
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    For me, it's a serious issue. I keep dropping calls all over the place and I have text messages that fail constantly. In all reality, i'm about to pull my hair out because of this issue. It is so hard because I want to say screw it and return the thing but I am keeping the faith... Faith that palm is going to do us right and rectify this. I tried the airwave call-in thing and they basically showed me where the front door was. Palm, fix this! The phone is worthless if it doesn't make PHONE calls.
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    It's definitely a Pre issue and not a Sprint issue. This phone drops calls at work like crazy where other phones including my Blackberry Tour hold a call perfectly. I hope an update improves this sooner than later.
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    My Pre signal bars jump up and down. With the Airave, my signal still occasionally jumps up and down, but for the most part, the Pre will show 4-5 bars 90% of the time while on the Airave.
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    Well as of yet I haven't had any dropped calls, but my signal does vary frequently like everyone else is saying. It just happens at my house though. It could be something coming from the indoors, all the electric, Wifi inside the house. Who really knows? I think that they will update it though. However when I'm driving and out on the road the signal stays steady.
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