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    This has been the case for me all along; even with the older software versions. My signal fluctuates a lot as well but no dropped calls. But tonight I was at a location where it would go from Roaming to full signal bars and EV randomly.
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    Uhm? Could it be touchstone related? Just wondering.
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    I jump from 3-5 bars in my apartment. No drop calls or EV change.

    I've always had strong sprint service tho so this problem may not be an issue in my case.
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    worst for me with Pre - been with Sprint for 9 years!
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    i wonder if this is just a matter of a software updating how the phone reports signals.

    iPhones apparently drop calls too right?
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    I've had many phones where signal reliability was improved via software updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garos09 View Post
    Uhm? Could it be touchstone related? Just wondering.

    Doubtful...I don't have the touchstone...My success rate is a bit better since doing a PRL update, but I still see the signal jump from time-to-time (full strength EVDO, to 1X mid-level, to Roaming, back to EVDO within 60-75 seconds)...???
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    I was with a girl yesterday at the All Points West festival in Jersey City. I have a Pre she has an iPhone. Her's kept fluctuating between service and no service Liberty State Park is a wide open space show there shouldn't have been building issues, but it was doing it all the way back to Battery Park. I live in Philly so I can't say for sure, but the only time I lose signal in Manhattan is when I'm in the subway.
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    I am hoping Palm is waiting on a firmware update for the radio from Texus Instruments. This seems more hardware related to me.
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    I am coming from the touch pro and can say for sure there is an issue with the signal. I lose signal in places where I didnt with my pro. I hope it is just software related and that Palm didnt just cheap out on the radio.
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    I completely lose my signal going through Central Park daily on my commute to and from work. Got signal with the 755P. This is a safety issue. If this is a known problem, what is Sprint waiting for?
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    Try the roaming only hack. The only place I get bad reception is at my house. It just barely picks up Sprint's network so it doesn't turn on roaming. I used the hack and I get perfect reception everywhere.
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    I still have issues...and they become "dead spots" at times (whether or not it's the phone, who knows). What royally sucks is that the worse the reception, the worse the battery in effect one problem becomes two problems. B/c I've found that whenever my phone is always in a good reception area, battery life isn't TOO TOO bad. Otherwise, night and day.
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    Having bought the phone on June 6 I can say that now it is about the same as my Blackberry 8330 was. On the 1.02 I had a number of dropped calls etc. But once I updated to 1.03 and updated the network settings and PRL under phone preferences I really haven't had any trouble. I travel a lot via car and since the updates it has really been pretty good.
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    Yes my brand new Pre has crazy signal problems as above. My HTC Mogul gets better signal strength without roaming...Please fix so I don't lose customers!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    iPhones apparently drop calls too right?
    Yeah... AT&T just sucks
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    I'm having the wild fluctuations in signal too - at home I used to get 2-3 bars consistently with my Instinct. Now I get 2 or 3 in EV mode, then suddenly I'll be in Roaming with 2 bars. Then five minutes later it's back again. Not as big a deal for phone/text, but I can't use anything web-related at home hardly at all. It's definitely getting annoying, as is the awful battery life, which is partially due to the signal problems. Went to bed at 12:30 AM with 100% strength, woke up at 8 AM with 44% left.
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    At times, I've wondered if the signal indicator shows usage, rather than available signal. Sort of like the wireless icon in the sys tray of the 'puter that flashes those green waves when active.
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    have always had at least 2 bars at home, after the pre, 0-1 at best. Unable to make calls unless I happen to catch it in digital roam, where the call always completes and NEVER drops. been 3 weeks now, better before 1.1. 1 important call dropped 13 times, needless to say I had to leave and drive down the road to get a better signal. NOT COOL!!! Tech support unwilling to give me an Airave... HELP!!!!!!!
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    I get a poor signal at my house. I called Sprint Exec customer service and they sent a tech to the area to determine the signal strength. The tech reported a weak signal so I was told I'd get a free Airave. The Airaves are on backorder so I have to wait a couple of weeks to get it.
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