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    My power button stopped working It feels the same as always but it just won't turn the screen on or off anymore or power the device on/off. Kind of blows cause i just got around to putting a whole bunch of homebrew apps on it last night lol.

    As always experience at the Sprint ( corp store/repair center ) store was great. They had to order me a Pre and it should be in by next friday. I kind a wish they could have just swapped in out right then but i'm past my first 30 days so i'm guessing they have to order a refurb for me.

    Anyways chalk up another good experience dealing with sprint
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    my power button is the same way, after 3 days, just got back home from vacation too, guess i will be visiting sprint soon! blah!

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    Mine just stopped working too. Feels right, but does nothing. Can turn on with slider but can't turn off.

    Anyone know if a reset will fix this?
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    The power button reminds me a lot of the one on the old Palm V. It was always so hard to push it just right, always thought it was going to stop working.
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    I just had my power button stop working as well, looks like I'll be heading to the sprint store tomorrow. I'm glad to see that it won't be an issue to get a replacement.
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    Mine stopped working about 2 weeks ago. It is no longer clicky though. I have been getting the run around with Sprint since it happened. I keep on getting garbage refurbished phones that they try sending as replacements. I wanna know who is in QC in refurbish land for the Pre. I wish they would just send me a new phone and get it over with.
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    This has happened to me too. Take a pair of tweezers (or, you can pry it up with a paper clip) and remove the plastic button by pulling it up perpendicular to the phone. Then just clip it back in place. Problem solved.
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    Glad to see that its not just mine. I took mine back to Best Buy last night and will have to wait for a replacement. I'll be on pins and needles til I get it back.

    For now I have to use my wife's 2.5 yr old Samsung M300 ( glad I kept it though)
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