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    Don't know if you guys have seen this one but it seems to compare a few things pre-1.1. Galen Gruman seems to be a blatant iPhone fanboy given previous articles (e.g. writes an article intended for a business audience, acknowledges the iPhone doesnt have serious security and then says it's not an issue, and so on) but a few of the anti-Pre points seem accurate.

    Deathmatch: Palm Pre versus iPhone | Mobilize - InfoWorld

    ANyway see what you guys think and probably some comments would help out the casual reader who may not have better perspective on the Pre.
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    "Brandon: If Palm wants to gain an edge over Apple in this regard, it will let users load applications from anywhere rather than having to go through a central app store. This open platform approach would complement the already more progressive multitasking capability of the Pre’s WebOS, which facilitates interactivity among apps to accomplish tasks."

    Yup we can do that all thanks to our Homebrewers
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    not only that, palm promised a way to install apps without the appstore as well. But I guess they are designing the installer so it can be as safe as possible
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