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    wordweaver, your one negative nancy aren't you? I believe the guy, seems like his story make sense. I dont understand why he would LIE about going to the sprint store? That's just stupid.

    wordweaver stop trolling
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    yeah they will replace. that is clear manufacturer defect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by porfuse View Post
    i plan to sell my broken pre on ebay.. and perhaps i'll keep the battery??
    My "credibility" is not in question. I haven't tried to pry a slider apart (intentionally) to TROLL on Forum and suggest that somehow the slider issue is native to the device. Clearly, YOUR statement above speaks of your "credibility." You wrote the above after detailing the non-working condition of your device (navigation, hard reset cannot fix, etc.) But you'll sell it to someone else sans battery. Nice. Not negative... just restating your own claim.
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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