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    Hi, my palm pre is acting really weird as if it has a virus in it. Yesterday nite I charged it and then when fully charged I removed the charger. Till this time it was absolutely fine. Today morning when I woke up, I see that all the buttons on the lauch bar are getting launched automatically. And it is pressing only at that launch bar area but at different places. So calendar, email, phone application all are getting opened.
    I observed it for a while and the really scary thing was it was able to open my inbox and then press on the new mail button and tried to send it.

    I like my palm pre so much that there is not even a scratch on the screen or at the back. And there is no film protector etc on it. The screen looks absolutely clean, I have tried restarting the phone but same behavior... For now I have locked the screen and put it down.

    This looks like a virus or may be my phone went bad overnite? I am thinking of taking it to sprint store later today. Anybody else seeing this ? Yes I do have web os1.1, if it matters, but it has been there since the day it was launched.
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    Do it have a virus? no.

    Maybe you can try recalibrating the touchscreen.
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    Did you root it or add any homebrew apps?
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    I had a similarly scary keyboard glitch and after several restarts, I powered-down, removed the battery for a few minutes, replaced the battery and powered it back up - Good as new!
    -Give it a shot!
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    WebOS is Linux, so...

    The Linux operating system, Unix and other Unix-like computer operating systems are generally regarded as well-protected against computer viruses.[1]

    There has not yet been a single widespread Linux malware threat of the type that Microsoft Windows software currently faces; this is commonly attributed to the malware's lack of root access and fast updates to most Linux vulnerabilities.[2]

    The number of malicious programs—including viruses, Trojans, and other threats—specifically written for Linux has been on the increase in recent years and more than doubled during 2005 from 422 to 863.[3]
    .. more at Linux malware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote Originally Posted by djpeterman View Post
    WebOS is Linux, so...

    .. more at

    Thanks for telling me that it does not have a virus. I want to believe you.

    No I have not done any thing like rooting it or installing a homebrew app. I havent installed anything on it in last two days. I have tried restarting it and as suggested above even tried taking the battery out. Nothing.. Nada.. It is still opening all the applications thru the launch bar ..
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    The first thing I'd try is a full restore, using WebOS Doctor. If that doesn't fix it, then my guess is you've got a defective touchscreen, in which case, you'll need a replacement.

    Take it to a Sprint store, and show them what's going on. Chances are they'll try to tell you to file an insurance claim, to protect their store's P&L (I've been through this), so be prepared to argue with them. It's NOT an insurance issue; it's a warranty issue. There's no reason you should have to pay a dime, let alone $100, to replace a defective anything, ever. Defects are what warranties are for.

    If you can't get the store to cooperate, call Sprint customer service. They're generally a bit better than the stores. If they won't help you either, call Palm customer service. Palm tends to be the most customer-friendly of the bunch, in my experience.

    If none of them will help you, call your local news and your state Attorney General. Warranty avoidance is rampant with Sprint. Sooner or later, a class action will be in order. The guy who published an open letter stating as much here on these forums a few weeks back was unfortunately laughed at by the majority of responders, but he was absolutely right. Something does need to be done about this.

    Most likely, it won't come to that, though. Between the Sprint store, Sprint national, and Palm, SOMEONE will probably take care of you. Just be prepared for some frustration along the way, if one or two of them try to pass the buck. Be pleasant, but be absolutely firm. It's not right, of course, that we should have to do this kind of song and dance to get the customer service we're paying for, but whether it's right or wrong, it is how it is. Good luck.

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