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    I am using MS Outlook and would like to know how many Categories does the PRE allow.
    I am asking because my current TREO does allow ONLY 15 Categories.
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    In this respect. WebOS has taken 15 steps backwards.
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    Categories are old school. None of the modern OS's use them besides WM. WebOS uses synergy which means instead of having a calendar with 15 categories you can have 15 calendars. It makes filtering much easier.
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    Here are two examples why Categories are important:

    1) I would like WebOS to have a Call filter/Call Block application.
    Now I would imagine life would be easier if the contacts were sorted out by category so that one could block out entire categories should one wish.

    2) When one has 6800 contacts (that's what I have) life is easier when they are categorised. When searching for people sometimes I can't recall the name but do know which category the person is. Browsing the category list helps. If you can't recall the name, Synergy is useless.

    Google contacts has Groups and Outlook has categories. Hopefully Palm will implement categories in future versions of WebOS.
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    While you don't have "categories", you do have "Company" that is included in universal search. So, if you put in your categories into the company field in a contact, you can do a search for that keyword. of course, you can't do a search WITHIN those's one or the other

    hope this helps
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    Ghost PIM apps, categories out: PalmOs was better at is launch.
    Call that old school, my concern is having a real PDA on a phone.
    Something people used to call Palm, providing quick access to your data, allowing to forget so many things because they're right there, in a snap.
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    Categories may be "old school", but they're still needed, at least for contacts. A few months ago, I was at a family event, when Cousin Whatsername came up to me, and invited me to do something with her and her brothers the following day. For the life of me, I couldn't remember this woman's name, and that's really not something you can admit to a relative. Luckily, I had my Treo in my pocket (this was before the Pre came out).

    I said, "Let me just make sure I've got your number, so we can set it up in the morning." I opened up my Treo contact list, went to the family category, and started scrolling through. "Please let it be in here," I thought. When I came to a name that seemed like it could be hers, I read the number (not the name) out loud, and asked, "Is that right?" She said yes, and that was the end of that. Now I knew her name, and nobody had a clue that I hadn't known it all along.

    If the same thing had happened with my Pre instead of my Treo, I would have been doomed. There would have been no way to quickly scroll through family members.

    Now, I realize I could just enter "Family" in the Company field for each family member, but that would mean having multiple entries for a lot of them, since I do have their actual company entered already. Synergy would make those extra entries unnoticeable, of course, but it's the principle of the thing. If we use that Company field, or any other field, as a stand-in for categories, we're still creating categories. We're just calling it another name. All we're accomplishing by that is to demonstrate that categorization is still extremely useful and necessary, no matter what we call it, and no matter whether it's "old school" or not.

    For the calendar, the "15 calendars instead of 15 categories" model works, because you can easily filter which ones are showing. But the contact list doesn't do that. I can't tell it to show me only the Facebook contacts or only the Google contacts any more than I can tell it to show me only the family members. So it's a broken analogy.

    Bottom line, WebOS, for all its amazing steps forward, has also taken some tremendous leaps backward. There are some amazingly glaring omissions in the Pre's PIM apps, and categorization of contacts is definitely one of them. I can't imagine what the folks at Plam were thinking in that regard.
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    Thank's everybody.
    It's a sad world in which Apple "forgets" Copy/Paste, Search on their IPhone (Older then V.3.0) and still has no Calender view and in which Palm "forgets" to implement Categories, when there is clearly a need, given the huge amount of information we are overloaded with in todays world.
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    Categories are really useful, especially with Google Voice.
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    I think it depends on what you are trying to do. I have several calendar "categories" (personal, business, etc.) which are actually called calendars on google and WebOS. However, the respective items are colored differently and I'm able to work with them and think of them as categories.

    Of course contacts doesn't really have the same sort of thing. However, Facebook has recently added a category thing to friends which makes me hopeful that perhaps WebOS will soon follow.
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    i almost dropped this phone over the categories thing,i didnt with hopes it will be fixed,it really is a neccessity,the whole company search thing is useless as a workaround to most of us,contacts wise
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    I was a palm fan for years. And wanted to leave just because the palm pre didnt have categories. The Iphone has categories. Yet they want to be an IPhone killer. LOL

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