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    Since yesterday I've had strange problems with logins. At first, every site I went to could not read my browser cookies. Finally a reset fixed it.

    Today again, sites I'm already logged into suddenly present login forms.

    And now Tweed wanted me to log in again to Twitter.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    I see that Tweed also lost all my bookmarks.
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    I have seen this with facebook, every so often I need to clear out my cookies and reset. It seems to work but then the same problem you are experiencing occurs again.
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    Just now I had to log in to Google and PreCentral. Actually I can't login to Google, it says I need to enable cookies. This is exactly what happened yesterday.
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    I've already had to perform a hard reset yesterday. How is this hapenning again?
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    Performed a reset.

    My Yahoo account also lost its login credentials. Had to enter my login credentials again with Tweed and then Google and PreCentral.
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    Since the problem persisted through a complete reset, I finally wiped the phone with webOS Doctor and it's been fine since.

    I did not modify the phone so really can't think of a reason. Since all apps were affected I'm guessing there is a central cookie repository that got corrupted.
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