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    Haven't read all the posts so this might be redundant, but hitting hardware button on device face turns on screen when asleep, if keyboard is open. Hurray! Now if there is a way to make this button (optionally) wake up the phone when keyboard is closed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iharley View Post
    I tried to do this prior to 1.1 and was unable to pinch and zoom for a wallpaper.
    Only if you use an image file that you transferred to the phone that has larger dimensions. Like your digital cam pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatfield View Post
    App Catalog definitely loads faster.
    If you are referring to the contents showing faster. This was fixed a little before 1.1 was released. This was an enhancement on palm's end.
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    Does anyone know if the Palm Pre can play audio books from yet?
    Rishi O.
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    i would like the emoticons in the "Sym" button option(there own area)...anybody else?
    I know there are a few but break them apart with there emoticon icon shown
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    Still can't get the update
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    Also the insanely long startup time seems a bit faster...but just a bit
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    Is the App catalog not working?? or is it just my phone??
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    WHERE app update available...
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    Ready to ditch this phone and it's terrible updating process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarknessOverride View Post
    downloaded, validating...

    gonna check my tethering still works after its installs.....
    How do you do the tethering with the Pre?
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    The Youtube app was updated. Nothing major. Just a few tweeks in the UI
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCoach View Post
    Ready to ditch this phone and it's terrible updating process.
    Looks like you're in the minority on the inability to update (notice I didn't say the only person). I hope it resolves for ya soon. I'd call Sprint if you can't get it to update soon; I got my update first-try and all was done (download/install/restart) within 45 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenS_aTm View Post
    It wiped out all the info I had in Checkbook, but other than that it didn't affect any of my Homebrews
    REALLY wish I'd read that before I updated. Oh well. I'll know next time.
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    update has made the pre much faster and smoother, its about time i was starting to get aggravated with the pre. SIKE! ill always love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by sipperphoto View Post
    I'm on 1.1

    Mine isn't working right now either... says "App Catalog not available" or something like that.

    Also, I had it check for updates, and it said it was also not available. Gotta think they are working on something and just have it down for now. Maybe new apps?

    I guess we can only hope!
    I have not updated to 1.1 yet and I just checked and received the same error message.
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    The App catalog is working for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDash View Post
    The App catalog is working for me...
    Mine is back up and working normal now!
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    I have to say, big thumbs up to Palm on this update.

    FINALLY I have my work email on my phone, and it is so awesome. My coworkers' Facebook photos appear on their emails, and I can look up anyone on the company directory. Oh, and Facebook syncing is fixed -- yes!

    But even more importantly, the UI is significantly more responsive, less laggy, and applying the sexy email font to the browser was a stroke of genius. Good job Palm, good job.
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    I noticed the facebook syncing right away. The UI does seem less laggy. If we continue to get even minor updates every three or four weeks I'll be happy. Every little tweak makes me like this phone even more. I cannot wait for NFL season so I can really use the app!

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