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    Quote Originally Posted by utvolfan67 View Post
    Hey, great find! It didn't work like that before.
    Acutally - it did work like that before - this is a great feature - saves the time it takes to press the keypad button - I loved this from the start.
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    I definitely notice a speed boost in the graphics depatment. Before when I used the first page of the launcher and I scrolled up it would stop for a second and then scroll at an uneven, stuttering pace. Now it just smoothly scrolls up with the freeze/pause virtually eliminated.

    The new notification sound seems too bassy and almost muddled.

    Still has issue where if you use the switch to turn off/on the ringer the system notification sound volume is changed to the same value as the ringer volume, which I usually leave at a much higher level.

    Email still has weirdness where pressing the refresh button doesn't really do anything for my hotmail account. If I touch the upper bar it will still calculate the time remaining until next update based on 30 min update intervals, even if I change it to check every hour.
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    I'm REALLY disappointed as well. But is there someone that can list in summary the changes worth mentioning? Many thanks!!!
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    After the update I was redoing my hacks like add launcher pages and hiding the NFL and NASCAR app...Adding More options to Screen and lock timer and i did not need to stop and restart luna or do a rescan. it was kinda suprising to me lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCoach View Post
    I'm in the same boat - WiFi connected at home and I've probably tried to update 8-9 times now. It's actually trying to do it again as I write this.

    Tried my wife's phone as well (not over WiFi) and it would not validate either.
    I had to plug mine in and validation worked...
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    I'm a little curious here...people are mentioning that they added search options (IDK, yahoo maybe) to the Universal Search feature. Is this a hack? I can't find anything on how to do this so I'm assuming its not built in. Can someone explain? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgs9455 View Post
    I had to plug mine in and validation worked...
    Will try this now - tried three more times this morning so far. Two couldn't connects (after appearing to download) ... then I did a soft reset just because ... then another attempt that resulted in a could not validate.
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    Not sure if this was the case before the update but when opening the dialer if you click on the space above the numbers where it says "Enter name or number..." it will pull up your contact list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by overtime View Post
    Yeah, the NFL app is sick!!!! I love it. There's not much use for the NFL Network on the Sprint TV now. This gives you clips, news, info on your favorite team and much more. Good job Palm!
    I like the notification for big play videos. Can't wait for that.
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    I agree with you. That really does suck. I can't think of one good reason to change that.

    all the other updates seems pretty cool though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laestrella View Post
    other smileys that work

    O:-) (angel)

    X-( (angry)
    Here are all the smileys i've have to type them in on your keyboard and they apear in the chat log...

    Palm Pre Smileys (updated 7.24.09)…
    : ) Smile
    : ( Frown
    : D Big smile
    :' ( Crying
    : O Surprise/shocked
    : P Tongue sticking out
    : / Skeptical
    : s Closed eyes/confused
    : @ Sick/green face
    : * Kiss/lips
    O : ) Angel
    : ! Scared

    Omit spaces when yout type on your phone, I had to put them in here so smileys wouldn't show up...

    Anyone find the devil face yet???
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    the icons in 'where' are missing : (
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    Anyone else notice the vibration is much stronger now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EEP1 View Post
    Cursor movement in text areas using orange key + screen swipe is now more precise & less finicky (i.e. more forgiving). Seems that one short swipe moves cursor one character. Nice. Same is true of text selection using shift key + screen swipe.
    I also noticed this. It was one of the first things I tried, as I couldn't wait for the over reactive feature to be toned down. Great work Palm!

    EDIT: I can no longer see emoticons in the chat window. I could before. Guess this is where they got them from to use in the messaging app.
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    woot woot, smilies in chat messages. bout time.
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    I can type in ill and it changes to I'll Just hope I never get sick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg View Post
    The issues getting getting a list of folders when connecting to Lotus Domino mail accounts via IMAP has been fixed w/ 1.1.
    How were you able to sync up your Lotus Notes?
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    I dont see graphical emoticons only the same text form.
    Any feedback will help. Thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by algee650 View Post
    the icons in 'where' are missing : (
    Where has an update also

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