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    i need to be able to copy text from my text messages!
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    when deleting SMS conversations, they delete fine, but when you try to send a conversation to that person again, they actually don't delete and the whole conversation is still there... to make matters worse, they don't come up again on the conversations list unless you unlink everything under that contact has, then relink it.
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    I have had to reset my Pre only once or twice in the previous six weeks. Since 1.1 I have had to reset 3 times in the last week. Once, the phone app did not work. Second, the camera app would just flash on and off on the screen and third, it would not charge on the Touchstone. None of these failures have occurred more than once and I have not added any other software.
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    For me, notifications keep returning from the dead after I dismiss them. Basically, an email comes in and I dismiss the notification. Then if another email or text message or another notification comes in, I get back the notification for the email I have not yet read.
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    my contacts hasn't been syncing with Facebook since the update. I've tried everything. boooooo..
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    1. When you enable IM and select a person to IM, it defaults to their SMS, even though you selected their Google/AIM IM screen name.

    2. I get the notification sound, yet there is no notification when I check my phone.

    3. My phone has randomly shut down twice since 1.1 (no it's not the battery issue, it was sitting on my desk both times).

    4. When emailing pictures, the phone will sometimes hang and drain the entire battery trying to sent the picture even though it has already sent.

    5. Several apps hang while trying to access data. The Ev icon is not 'active' yet the app continues to be in update mode. (data is working fine, as the browser can download web pages).

    6. When the phone has little to no signal (hardly a problem in Austin, but hey), it goes on a battery draining warpath that cannot be stopped, heating up like a little nuclear reactor. When signal is restored, the phone is happy again. (please make it stop trying to use data when there is none!)

    7. The phone's 'emoticons' need to be first in the grid when you select 'sym' so they're easier to put in conversations (maybe?).

    8. Some of my contacts refuse to 'synergize' with Facebook. I've even tried removing FB and re-entering the account. No dice.

    9. The phone cannot download MP3's via EVDO. Seriously? Who's idea what this?

    10. Battery life stinks, but I bought the 2600mAh battery, so we'll see how that works.
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    the sound for notifications are lowered and muffled.

    phone gets hots when charged. prior to dis update, that issue was seems we are at stage 1 again

    delayed reaction when tapping on the screen. for instance in memos--i was making an edit and it took at least 4/5 taps before recognized it.

    when opening apps it seems fine, but still...never had this issue before.

    when making a phone call and the the switch is on to silent everything, y when dialing a phone number on the screen, i still here the tone? its loud and annoying.
    y should i have to use the dialpad to not hear it?

    o, when entering contact via the phone, it does not update to my google contacts.

    y can't they get this right? like seriously!
    getting sick and tired of this now.
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    No issues here.

    (sorry guys).
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    Each time when opening an unread email, the email envelope message icon appears briefly in the bottom right hand corner.

    Really annoying and wasn't there until 1.1.
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    I sometimes have problems hanging up a call. when I dial from a contact, I think that contact screen remains active. When I am done with the call and look at my phone to hang up, I don't have the dialer up on the screen. So I have to change apps to hang up.
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    It appears that 1.1 upgrade broke SplashID (beta) again...
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    i just got my pre from the insurance company....its 1.04...should i update....will it force me to update...?
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    phone randomly resetting im guessing when i receive phone calls because there is always an additional message when my phone boots back up.

    the alarm doesn't ring anymore if i dismiss the icon at the bottom of the screen.

    hate the new notification sound (prefer the old one)

    intermittent inaccuracy in google maps by a block or two (position tends to jump around)
    sprint navigation rerouting bug keeps trying to reroute you even when your on the current rout (in traffic noticed position tends to jump around)
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    Sometimes my signal goes to 1x and I've had to reset my phone 3 times since the update. I would get text messages but no calls. Booo
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    Got my Pre on Saturday and updated to 1.1 immediately before using or installing anything. None of the previously mentioned issues have surfaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebullout View Post
    Got my Pre on Saturday and updated to 1.1 immediately before using or installing anything. None of the previously mentioned issues have surfaced.
    Same exact boat except I was Friday.

    None of these issues EXCEPT the mail thing.

    I din't have base to compare to but its not something that really annoys me. It appears for a second then disappears.
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    I think v1.1 broke orb... can no longer access my webcam or audio files on my PC via Orb
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    Mine works fine no probs here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitit20 View Post
    Mine works fine no probs here...
    can you stream audio/video? what do your settings look like? I have mine set to exactly those found here:

    Nevermind... just tried it again and now works flawlessly. Wonder why it stopped working yesterday.
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    Random shutdown. Phone will be sitting and when picked up it will be off.
    This is not when closing the slider or doing anything for that matter. Totally random.
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