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    This isn't a Pre vs BB thread. Coming from BB for the past few years, there are some features that I miss and I would love to see them show up on the Pre. Anyone else feel free to chime in with some I might be forgetting.Obviously this is related to software only. Also, I'm talking about truly integrating these into the OS, not just installing a homebrew.

    -customizable tones for different notifications
    -the ability to receive notifications from apps when they are truly running in the background (not just when the card is still open)
    -view message folders (ie, incoming SMS, outgoing sms, missed calls, etc)
    -sharing web URL's via SMS
    -Profiles. (different settings for different environments-customizable)
    -better customization of the alarm

    I also miss the LED indicator on the BB. It's nice to know that you have a notification when you see the LED blinking on the BB just in case you missed then tone, or have the notification set to not play a tone. I know the Pre doesn't have a dedicated color LED like the BB has, but I was thinking they could utilize the round button and achieve a similar effect.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.
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    oh, I forgot video recording, but I'm sure that will be coming.
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    I think this is a valid discussion, because I do think the BlackBerry market is one the Pre has the potential to grab share from. I came from a few versions of BlackBerry, and I loved what it did. I am very happy having moved to the Pre. I can also see the things I have missed. While you may want something like video recording, I think that falls outside of the scope of the discussion you started. Unless it is a newer BlackBerry I am not familiar with. I was part of the hardcore user segment that thought RIM compromised their user base adding a camera.

    I back you on the notification with the LED.
    I would love to see better memo synchronization (I really meant supported, not better).
    I like the customized profiles. I would also like to see more vibrate options, although it may just be that I am used to the years I have spent with my BlackBerry vibration as I don't believe phones should make any noise at all (other than that beautiful hum of the vibration). I don't care that you are getting a call and you don't need to know that I am getting a call (or email or text or task reminder).

    I am not sure if it should be compared to the BlackBerry, but what is with the task view at all? How is it not listed in a chronological order? I don't see it alphabetical either. Is it the order in which I created them? They just seem random? Also, if it is a recurring item, why does it get deleted if I mark it completed (for that month)? If created on the Pre, it cannot be recurring. I do like that they are working on Tasks. Before 1.1, Tasks would not retain the setting of remaining when I set them. It would always default to "all", showing tasks from 3 years ago from the start. It is encouraging that they are working on it.

    Man I love this phone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKatman View Post
    While you may want something like video recording, I think that falls outside of the scope of the discussion you started. Unless it is a newer BlackBerry I am not familiar with.
    Video recoding became available on the BB about 9 months ago with an OS update. Now it's standard on all the newer ones.

    Like I said though, I'm sure Palm has that on the way for us.
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    I too came from a BB and there are certain things I miss, but the Pre does a lot of things better than the BB.

    The LED is a must without a doubt, but one thing I loved about the BB that the Pre wont be able to upgrade is the speaker volume. The BB was pretty loud overall and sometimes the Pre seems just a little too quiet on the ear piece.

    I do wish there were diff profiles to sort of work with. The vibrate needs to be stronger, maybe Palm made it weak to save battery...idk. But the majority of these issue can be fixed or implemented by third parties. BB is now at 5.0 OS where Pre is just a 1.1. I know Palm has been around for a long time too, so its not that valid of an excuse but still, giving it time I think is the best answer for now...

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