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    I bought my first Palm Pre back on Sunday for $100 at Best Buy (when they had the accidental sale). It had one stuck pixel, and the splotches at the bottom of the screen, but the hardware was solid, so I decided to live with these problems. However, earlier today, it developed a slight twist to it too. Not major, but enough to bug me, so I took it back to Best Buy for a trade-in. I got my new one pretty painlessly, the only problem is, the new one also has a slight twist. The new one does not have any screen issues though, so what I'm wondering is this: should I take this one back too, or just live with the slight twist (it's a little bit worse than on my first one) because I have a perfect screen? Thanks all!
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    all of them have some play in the slider. What people consider too much "twist" is subjective. If you have a perfect screen, and the phone doesn't do an impression of a hurricane, just keep it.
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    To be honest after me and my technician inspected the slide mechanism of the Pre, we determined that the only thing that would stop the twist is a redesigned slide on one side of the phone. So as long as the twist is not excessive I'd just live with it and perhaps have it replaced later by a service center assuming the slide gets a revision and your twist gets worse.
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    There has to be play in the slider for it to slide. Every single Pre has play. I've seen a Pre with an oreo problem and I've seen a normal Pre (mine). The Pre with the problem will actually twist and move when you are using the touch screen to the point that it's hard to use gestures.
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    Thank you everyone, I'm just a little OCD about my gadgets, and I switched to the Pre from an iPhone, so I don't have much experience with slider phones. Thanks again!

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