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    Was in my Sprint store. Held the Tour and Pre in my hand. I already have a Blackberry Curve and tired of the trackball. Also the OS is so outdated.
    I played with the Pre and adapted quickly. Felt very comfortable in my hand as opposed to the Tour. Not a BIS user. Don't push email.
    They had to order it so I won't receive it till Tuesday. In the meantime, I will spend time here catching up on all the advice.
    Things I'll miss from the Curve are video and zoom on camera.
    Things I won't miss are the trackball and outdated OS.
    Screen keyboard would be nice for entering URLs in landscape mode.
    Only concern is some complaints about the slider not lasting.
    I know there are allot of updates and applications expected. Hopefully they won't take too long.
    In the meantime, I'll check out the Homebrew ones and learn how to load them.
    I've built a computer but I suck at programming.
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    Welcome to the board.

    One suggestion I would make is make sure you check out the Pre before leaving the store. Based on what I'm reading the Pre's built after 7/8 are coming out pretty good, but better to make sure to avoid any further trips to the store. I bought mine day 1 and no problems here. Hope you enjoy your Pre.
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    If your battery seems to drain fast, keep in mind roaming might be the problem and you might have to turn it off. And also, according to other threads, it might take a month for you battery to get really good.

    There are all kinds of advice, so keep reading.
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    I definitely will check it out before I leave the store.
    Also, I'm going to follow the tips here about about preventing battery draining.
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    i wouldn't worry about video problem cause it will soon be fixed
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    yeah, palmbeach, thats what I've been reading. It seems like just beginning. The capabilities are going to be great!
    I would think that this is Palm's chance to prove itself. They have the opportunity with the Pre to do so, if they stay on top of things with the software updates without delays.
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