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    don't get upset because I'm not flaming you. But I am so sick of hearing that. Everyone also needs to keep in mind that when the iphone came out it was the first of its kind...period. There were no app stores, there was no competition, the was no company to play catch up to. Just my 2 cents.
    There are a lot of inconsistencies in your rebuttal.

    The first of its kind? In what respect? It wasn't the first smart phone. It wasn't the first touch screen. It wasn't the first to have apps, nor was it the first to need a way to download the apps.

    There were actually many "app stores" before iPhone introduced theirs. I've had several Palm devices, and there were many sites to download and purchase apps. At least one of them even tracked what I had purchased, to ensure that I could get regular updates. The only thing that really set the iPhone app store apart was that it was owned by the mfg, and it was the only place to get apps for the device (without voiding its warranty). I'm actually hoping that Palm doesn't follow that "business plan".

    I'm sure the wait time for the Palm App Catalog has less to do with inspiration and competition, and more to do with the old catch 22 problem. To run a successful app store, they need alot of apps to fill it up. To get a lot of apps, they need a lot of developers and a solid SDK. Often, to get developers, they need to demonstrate that there is going to be a market.

    The Pre has been out for less than two months. In that short time, I believe that developers are seeing that there will be a market.

    The SDK has been out a couple of weeks (for general public use).

    I think overall, we're in pretty good shape for a device that's been out two months.
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    TempermentalMan@palm How long before the app catalog on the Pre is out of beta? When can we expect more USABLE apps? your treocentral community wants 2 no

    My last tweet. For all the good it will do.
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