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    I have tried the update app over the past couple of days and it just sits there "checking for updates" and stalls out and i never receive the "your phone is up to date" message. Just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with the update app or are things functioning normally for you?
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    mine says "your phone is up to date"
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    Mines okay. Maybe you need to restart your device or think if you made any changes prior to this happening?
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    I had that issue before. It would just sit there and look for an update and after waiting for a very long time it'll say "unable to connect"... the only way I was able to fix it was by doing a full erase.

    Try a soft-reset and see if it helps.
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    I did a soft reset of my phone and that didn't help. I really hope I don't have to do a full erase as that is going to suck. I don't get what would cause this all of a sudden.
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    theres no point in doing a soft reset just bc ur update is not working
    just give it couple hours or days....that just seems pointless to me
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    Yeah I am not going to do a reset at this point, but it has been a few days since it worked and given that other folks don't seem to be having a problem is a bit concerning.
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    Same issues and no fix despite being patient over the past 2 wks for this to self-correct. Palm - are you listening?
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    Go to your webrowser and clear your cache that might help
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    Soft reset (Sym key, Orange Key, R key - all together) finally did the trick. Thanks.
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    How long are you waiting? Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Also, if you feel your connection is slow and you have wifi, change to that it may move it along a little faster.
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