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    Everyone hates the annoying instructions on how to leave a voicemail, if you want to shut it do the following.

    Call your voicemail.
    At the menu, press 3 for personal options.
    Press 2 for greeting.
    Press 1 to change the greeting.
    To enable / disable the instructions, press 3.
    Then Press 2 to disable.
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    yes i wish everyone turned this off!
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    Sprint has had that option since 2007 when they upgraded their voicemail program. I've used it ever since..... Helps to be nosy when it comes to new technology.
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    ^2007? I've turned this off years ago - prolly early 2000's.
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    First time with sprint, so this is good to know. Will do today!
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    Thank you, I've had Sprint for a few years, and I never knew this! I just disabled it, hopefully more people do this!

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