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    Good to hear. But you should read the comments. I swear to God there is an army of Apple fanbois on every forum. Like they have nothing better to do (coming from a guy that owns a MacMini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro).

    Thanks for the links. The part about Palm ramping up orders from its parts suppliers is really good news. I'm devoted to Sprint but I'm looking forward to WebOS going to other carriers so that development and interest really takes off.
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    Apple fanboys are legend for roaming competitor's forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sportstx80 View Post
    Apple fanboys are legend for roaming competitor's forums.
    I suppose I have learnt that more recently being a Palm Pre advocate (though I don't have one yet as I live in Australia).

    Anyway the way I deal with fanboys is ensure I never ever get personal on forums and always defend the Palm Pre against these narrow minded opinions. There were some balanced views up there regarding "no best phone, depends on needs etc"

    Keep uo the good fight, never give up is my motto. If you see a clear biased Apple quote post three or four in response (I usually just send the whole message i.e. 5 sentences split up into 5 posts so the posts are dominated).

    I can't abide the Apple fanboys either though there is no doubt the differentiator is the number of Apps available. I was out with a few friends over the weekend and they showed me so many apps that were useful (for them) that I was very impressed. All I could do is talk about the PRE as I don't even have one and most of them didn't know what it even was !

    I was outgunned not because there was more of them than me but because I couldn't put out my hand with a PRE and SHOW THEM!

    Here is what I then did instead, I asked the guy sat next to me what he didn't like about his iPhone I then mentioned it to one of the others and before long they were all talking about the things they didn't like :-)

    It made for interesting information and I now have more ammo for the forums
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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