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    I just want to let interested parties know. I recently ie. yesterday was in contact with's support and they informed me that pending any unforeseen issues that a Pre version will be out in 1-2 weeks. Its first on course test is this Sunday.. For those that do not know, it is a AWESOME free/paid (for pro) Golf GPS application.
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    I've not used it, but hopefully it's as nice or better than this one in the homebrew section.
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    Awesome! Been waiting for a golf GPS app.
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    Compared to GolfPinFinder, scoring, more markers, and a bigger course library seem to be the only advantages from browsing the site, since on-device course marking appears to be coming in an upcoming version of GolfPinFinder.

    Though, you can also use the map of the course from FreeCaddie to help in adding a course to BBGPSGOLF.

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