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    The screen on my wife's Pre cracked yesterday. The crack runs the full height of the LCD right down the middle and is unresponsive on one side. We have the ERP insurance, but will that cover this?
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    I apologize for piggy-backing on your thread, but I have a question along similar lines that I'd like answered too:

    Yesterday I dropped my Pre resulting in a pretty noticible crack on the top of the Pre just near the earpiece. Now I think my phone is longer downloading off EVDO so that I can no longer surf the internet or receive Notifications without wi-fi. My phone is less than 30 days old. What are my chances of getting this exchanged at a Sprint store, or will I only be able to exchange this with ERP?
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    Yes it will but if the damage was caused by dropping the phone or some type of physical damage then they charge you $100. I just went thru the same thing. I had dropped mine about 3 weeks prior and it had a chip in the case. Was cosmetic only so I didn't worry about it. 3 weeks after that I was using it to take pictures on a trip to Boston and I noticed that nothing on the right side would work only the left. I went to the local sprint store and that was what happened, I had 3 long hairline cracks on the screen. I got the replacement about 5 days later after filling out an affidavit they said it would cost $100 because of the physical damage but I haven't seen my bill yet to see if it is on there. If you can still use the left side to answer and make calls you can always use the keyboard to use the other features just start dialing the name of waht you want like device info, as you dial d then e it brings the icon up on the screen and it is on the left side so you can still click on it until you get your replacement. Hope that helps and good luck

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