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    Hey Guys,
    I've got a general question, I've got a pre which i rooted. I was wondering if you update OTA to the new update, will it unroot the pre and wipe out all your homebrew applications? Thanks in advance.

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    Depends on what you mean by "unroot" the pre. Rootign just means gaining root access for he session. If you are using the python script and PuTTY method then there is nothing is actually changed on your pre to get this access.

    If you installed Dropbear and SSH, etc then I believe what you are really wanting to know is does the update wipe those out. I believe the answer is no, but I can not confirm as I have not installed them yet. Just have not gotten around to it. :-D

    As for the homebrew apps, mine stayed after the update. That is not to say they WONT wipe them out in a future update. It is within their ability, but I doubt they will.
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    Dropbear and SSH are unaffected. Installed homebrew apps appear to be unaffected (none of mine were, but I don't have them all). However, hacks that are not apps (modifying icons, phone background, built-in app modifications, etc) seem to all be affected. You have to re-hack, and the many of the underlying program have changed, so the method of hacking may be a little different.
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    Thanks guys great that's what I wanted to know. Most importantly will it effect the teathering program or the adding more pages for storing and organizing my app hack? I ask because those are the two hacks or modifications I find most useful. I just don't want to brick mu phone by applying the update. Thanks
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    MyTether was not affected.
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    The hack that allows you to add the pages will have to be reapplied. My understanding though, is that pages you've already added won't be affected. I don't know this for sure, because I didn't apply that hack until after 1.1

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