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    I Quit The iPhone -

    I Quit The iPhone

    Michael Arrington
    Friday, July 31, 2009 1:46 AM

    I have loved the iPhone, but now I am quitting the iPhone.

    This is not an easy decision.

    I was there in January 2007 when it was announced and I bought the first iPhone as soon as it was available. I happily bought the iPhone 3G a year later. I've proudly yelled "I Am A Member Of The Cult Of iPhone." I've been an unabashed cheerleader for the device to all who'll listen. And I've scoffed at developers who said they'd abandon the platform.

    But I'm not going to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS. Instead, I'm abandoning the iPhone and AT&T. I will grudgingly pay the $175 AT&T termination fee and then I will move on to another device.

    What finally put me over the edge? It wasn't the routinely dropped calls, something you can only truly understand once you have owned an iPhone (and which drove my friend Om Malik to bail). I've lived with that for two years. It's not the lack of AT&T coverage at home. I've lived with that for two years, too. It certainly isn't the lack of a physical keyboard, that has never bothered me. No, what finally put me over the edge is the Google Voice debacle.

    Most of you won't know what I'm talking about, so I'll explain.

    Google Voice is a a call management service that lets you determine what calls get through to you based on who's calling and what time of day it is, among other factors. It has amazing features, like automatically transcribing all your voicemails. And you can forward calls to any other phone easily and automatically. Here's an overview of the service if you aren't familiar with it.

    I've always wanted to use Google Voice but there's a big switching cost - changing your phone number. Too many people have that phone number and use it to call in great stories. There's no way I'm giving that up. And there's another problem with Google Voice. When you make outbound calls from a phone, it (obviously) doesn't use your Google Voice phone number, so recipients don't know it's you calling. Those were two hurdles I wasn't willing to jump over.

    But now Google is planning on rolling out number portability, so I can move my mobile phone number to Google. None of my friends, family or contacts have to store a new number.

    That still leaves the problem of outbound calls, though. I can move my mobile number to Google and then get a new iPhone account, but outbound calls won't be identified because they are on the new number. Google has a solution for that too, though. They are releasing apps for a variety of handsets that effectively take over the native dialer, address book and call log. Problem solved. I can use any phone I like, or a bunch of phones, and just choose the one that makes sense at any time. I never have to be tied to a carrier and their restrictive contracts again.

    Or so I thought. Apple and AT&T are now blocking the iPhone version of the Google Voice app. Why? Because they absolutely don't want people doing exactly what I'm doing - moving their phone number to Google and using the carrier as a dumb pipe.

    So I have to choose between the iPhone and Google Voice. It's not an easy decision. Except, it sort of is. Google isn't forcing the decision on me, Apple and AT&T are. So I choose to work with the company that isn't forcing me to do things their way. And in this case, that's Google.

    So what phone will I use next? Well, that decision is easy, too. I'd move to the Palm Pre because I believe it is the best phone out there other than the iPhone 3GS. But Google hasn't created an app for the Palm Pre yet, just Android and Blackberry phones. So for now I'm going to use the new Android myTouch 3G along with the Google Voice App. As soon as something better comes out, or Google makes an app for the Pre, I'll switch. And keep the same phone number. No long term contracts for me.

    And Apple, if you ever decide to put the hammer down on AT&T and do the right thing for your loyal users, I'll consider switching back. In the meantime, I'll just use one of many iPod Touches laying around our office to test out new apps.

    2009 TechCrunch
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    hes gonna be disappointed when he uses that mytouch 3g. to bad tmobile didn launch the htc hero instead. and this post belongs in the cross platforms .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    ...and this post belongs in the cross platforms
    Not really. His preferred option is the Pre.
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    I wish Google would announce the GV for the Pre at the very least

    Then, i know its coming.
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    Somebody needs to tell him about homebrew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelet View Post
    Somebody needs to tell him about homebrew.
    he probably doesnt wanna take any risk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Not really. His preferred option is the Pre.
    Erm, I would agree wrong forum. He talks about the iPhone and AT&T for quite some time, his issues with it, etc. Then he makes a mention that he might consider the Pre if a Google Voice app comes out for it. How does that make it Pre news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    he probably doesnt wanna take any risk.
    As far as I know the Apps are installed the Palm recommended way for testing apps. If something goes wrong there is always WebOS Dr.
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    This is very much news for the Pre since TC's coverage of the Pre has been, well, horried. I do not believe any of their writers have ever given the Pre a fair chance due to their extreme case of iPhone fanboy syndrom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying being a fanboy is bad as long as your writing doesn't come off as biased like theirs does. If Michael does go to the Pre, perhaps we'll get a bit better coverage out of the TC guys.

    Perhaps Michael's post will put a fire in the folks at Palm to pester Google for an official Voice app. Not to knock our homebrew guys because they are all awesome folks, but I haven't been inpressed with any of the Voice apps brewed thus far.
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    After Arrington's ******baggery toward Leo LaPorte - basically calling Leo a bribed shill for the Pre because he was given a review unit free of charge for a week - he should be forbidden to have one. Let him suffer for his arrogance.
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    It's hard to say what's going on behind the scenes between Palm and Google. For all we now, Google has a GV app ready or will have it ready soon. The SDK and WebOS overall hasn't been out that long relatively speaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkBelig View Post
    After Arrington's ******baggery toward Leo LaPorte - basically calling Leo a bribed shill for the Pre because he was given a review unit free of charge for a week - he should be forbidden to have one. Let him suffer for his arrogance.
    No offense, but Leo is a typical Apple fanboy. From day one he said the iphone was better without even using the Pre for any length of time. He hardly EVER criticizes the iPhone, but was quick to point out many of the Pre's flaws. Regardless of if his unit was free or not (which he always claims they aren't), his original goal was to slam the Pre as soon as it was out, and he did just that. Now it hardly gets coverage on his show, and instead of talks about the greatness of the iphone.
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    Well Apple has done some other app store things I don't approve of, as
    well as lock their phone down so that I can't do the very simple like:
    download an mp3 podcast from the 3g network to my phone
    put a file like the above, be it a mp3 of a pdf, from the phone to the
    Use a purchased device with software I choose aka Itunes gets annoying
    Not technically be allowed to use 3rp party unapproved softwares, even
    though the phone can and does if jailboken.

    The fact that I still have to jailbreak to get, customization, file
    downloading, SSH, and dozens of other features that the iphone doesn't
    include in it's recent "3.0" software.

    The fact that apple released 3.0 all at once instead of giving us the
    features as they were developed, meaning copy and paste worked as a
    jailbroken app a year and a half ago, why did apple have to wait to
    release it at the same time as 99 features. Why couldn't I have
    landscape keyboard when I've seen it work in landscape on a jailbroken
    (because they held off to counter the pre release date maybe? who
    knows. )

    By not allowing apps that serve their customers better, apple is not
    looking out for it's customers.
    Example, the competing features of google voice work through the apple
    web browser, therefore apple is not eliminating the features, simply
    making them inconvenient.

    No built in GPS, turn by turn could be ATT monthly pay for $99 tom tom

    No MMS, wtf? seriously don't get this one

    Unlimited data is limited by not allowing tethering (almost every
    carrier tho)

    No downloads from itunes over 16mb, but you can download a 32 mb
    podcast from safari, but you can't save it. So guess what apple and
    AT&T, if the file gets stopped, you lose connection, you have to
    download over again, so the podcast that I want that's on itunes, that
    I can't download because it's to big, I go to the show's site, and
    sometimes download the 32 mb file 3 times before I listen to the whole
    thing. Making me use 94mb of ATT bandwidth instead of the 32 from
    itunes and it's auto save features.

    No video uploads or sharing via iphone 3g of att, when in reality, the
    iphone 3g can stream live to ustream right now.

    Now that's just the big ones,
    I ask you then Jud, if you had a piece of hardware able to do
    everything mentioned above, and you crippled it, would you expect your
    customers to praise you when you finally give it to them. Sure, they
    have all the right in the world to do so, but I can no longer support
    such decisions with my pocketbook, especially because apple's
    unlimited callign is $99, their unlimited data is $30 and their
    unlimited text WITHOUT MMS is $20 per month.

    $50 more per month than the same sprint plan with the palm.

    My only regret is I feel there is still no device comparable to the
    elegance and ingenuity of the iphone in its time, and that the pre is
    2 years late and AT&T and apple will set a standard for backwards
    customer service. I'm rooting for Android in the future, because it's
    open, but do not want to ride google around much either.

    As a company that prides itself on innovation, I hold apple to a high standard of delivering something that is functional. In this situation they crippled their own hardware. My Mac Pro desktop is capable of running the competitors operating system, as is my Macbook pro.

    The software I use for editing photos is not Apples, but runs great. I have complete control over my unix environment with a command line interface. All while the front end is simple, and efficient for all users, new or old.

    That is what I wanted in a phone from apple, and was let down over and over.

    If I was running apple, I would have assured that the same philosophy that won the hearts of computer users held true on the iphone. The protected environment, the "you like what we give you philosophy" isn't good business.

    Why on earth am I allowed to buy software for my apple computer, but not companion software for my apple phone?
    In your opinion, as an apple share holder, put yourself in Jobs situation and answer me that question.

    I am a valued apple customer am I not? Apple has always promoted themselves as a hardware company. I'm the first to admire the micropayment phenomenon that is the app store. The appeal of the developer to make a small fortune on an IFART app, sold on apples proprietary network. What I cannot support is this totalitarian system of picking and choosing what apps get on the list.

    In one hand you can compare the exclusive iphone network of apps to Wal-MArt. If you get a product line in wal-mart, you're an instant millionare, and walmart gets thiers right? Right. It's capitalism, wal-mart can choose what to sell.

    The difference is that walmart is not selling you an empty house and then telling you what you can put in it. If they sell you a house, sure you can fill it with wal-mart goods, but they aren't going to terminate you if you put sheets from target on your bed!

    Now lets say wal-mart owned the market, and pretty much every house came from them, could they propose at date of purchase that you can only buy wal-mart productsm sign here? Sure but eventually someone will come along an a open house that you can put anything you want in, and walmart, will lose the house business.

    While that free market look at apple as selling a "piece of property," is a realistic description and will happen in the near future as devices catch up. It doesn't settle the ethics of the original problem: Just because you can, and you know that you can close a system to make a nickel and dime, should you do it? Apple is selling a house and telling you what you can put in it. It's not free, so I am recommending to everyone I know, to quit drinking the kool aid, and realize that this product could be more and it's not. Profit margins on the phone are not affected by the app store policies. You mean to tell me people would buy LESS iphones if apple allowed the copy and paste app to go into the itunes store last July?

    If there is an approval process it should be to assure no malicious code is used, but people should be able to build their own couch and sell it to anyone that owns a house to put it in. It's my hardware, I can run over it with my car, why can't I install John Q. Codeman's little Akron ohio streets GPS? Because Tom Tom has a deal? That begs the question, what if JQCodman GPS is better all around GPS than Tom Tom? Then by making these deals and app rejections in this closed system you are doing your customers a disservice, in the name of money.

    So lastly, what apple should be doing is allowing their iphone to lead the industry by being a rock solid piece of hardware, look at what people are developing, allow them to give or sell it because their customers want it. If it is something apple can do better, than do it up, sell it as an upgrade, but don't STOP innovation.

    As a shareholder that last fact would scare me. They were able to break into this market because they were open and not held back by the microsoft stigma of being cash hungry Micro$oft. This is lower than what microsoft has done in the past. Imagine if MS wouldn't let firefox run on windows, simply because it already had a browser.

    It's bad business, and it's lost an iphone user until that changes. A very vocal former iphone user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aglide View Post
    It's hard to say what's going on behind the scenes between Palm and Google. For all we now, Google has a GV app ready or will have it ready soon. The SDK and WebOS overall hasn't been out that long relatively speaking.
    Palm would be wise to have GV underway
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    It's like he came to his senses.
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    "I Quit The iPhone" is a trending topic on Twitter. Rising FAST. This means that the article is getting huge exposure.

    The comments section on that article has a distinct lack of people lettign the public know that there IS a GV app for the Pre.
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    Wow...that was a LOOONNGG post! Very informative, though! Its very representative of why I never got on the iPhone bandwagon.

    And Leo Laporte is an Apple fanboy, and seems to be so because of the elegant solutions they provide (I used Apples throughout college due to my major and I agree for the most part). And Apple products are usually a well-honed ecosystem, which provides a seamless solution for the end user. But the way he went off on Arrington about the Pre was ridiculous! And he seemed to make NO effort to secure a Pre, after weeks of promising he would (and years of him professing he pays for his products). So his attitude exhibited his lack of interest in the Pre. And he continues to brag about the iPhone even after his trip to China where he is now fighting a monstrerous bill for roaming data (and he supposedly had the roaming package and supposedly turned off the data after he reached his limit)!! I do agree that he side-steps the Pre nowadays, but who needs his obviously-skewed view on tech products. I only listen for tech solutions, Chris Mardquardt, and because I havent found anyone else that does a similar show.

    Arrington should have some fun and port webOS to that myTouch. Get the homebrew Google Voice Apps available and call it a day. Then again, that myTouch with the Hero rom maybe a better option until he gets off of AT&T.
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    I apologize, but I can't help what is about to happen ........

    People give WAY too much credibility to bloggers.

    News Flash:

    Bloggers are NOT journalists, they do NOT have journalistic integrity, they are NOT required to be unbiased in their reviews no matter how much they try to tell you they might want to appear.

    Bloggers are just somebody with opinions that have a desire to be heard, they are just somebody that craves attention and will post controversial things regardless of truth just to draw traffic, they are just somebody spewing words that generally form coherent thoughts but don't always form valid information.

    Bloggers are just normal people, quit treating them all like their words are gold, have some discernment.

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    We don't know yet if an official GV app will be available for the Pre.

    Remember that currently the Amazon store app blocks downloading on 3G. Sprint is likely to put up a fight.

    Aside from that I'm happy to see Apple being doubted by prominent figures in tech.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaklee3 View Post
    No offense, but Leo is a typical Apple fanboy. From day one he said the iphone was better without even using the Pre for any length of time. He hardly EVER criticizes the iPhone, but was quick to point out many of the Pre's flaws. Regardless of if his unit was free or not (which he always claims they aren't), his original goal was to slam the Pre as soon as it was out, and he did just that. Now it hardly gets coverage on his show, and instead of talks about the greatness of the iphone.
    Not that I am on either side, or care about either "reporter", Leo said he had a SEVEN day review unit. After seven days he had to send it back. I do not see how this would create a conflict of interest or compromise someone's "journalistic integrity" when he has use of the Pre for one week? If he was given a free Pre to keep, then Michael Arrogant's comment may carry some weight.
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