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    I was messing around the other day and discovered that you can put every app on the first page of the launcher. The other two pages still remain, albeit blank, as far as the little || lines go.

    No, I didn't like the end resuilt. But I did decide to keep 18 apps (six rows) on the first page, which allows for one flip scrolling...
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    While that's certainly one way to go, I prefer to have my apps sorted logically. I have one page just for games for the kids, another with utilities and lesser used apps, and my front page has 9 apps, the ones I use daily. Gotta love the ability to change and personalize! :-)
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    I don't care for the current launcher set up. You have to scroll up and down and left and right.

    I'd like to see a new launcher app at some point.

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