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    Has anyone else noticed that while you are using your GPS on the pre, it disables your ability to make or receive a call? And the same with emails or text capabilities? This is really an inconvenience when you are not able to receive a call that the meeting you are going to, while using the GPS, was postponed.

    I travel quite a bit for work and in remote parts of the country where a digital signal may not always be available. I have noticed also that while in roaming, any function that requires a digital signal will not work such as email, gps, WHERE, etc..... I found this out the hard way when I was lost in Evanston, WY. I didn't have this problem with the Blackberry Curve with Sprint. The signal was not always the best with the Curve, but at least I was still connected to the world. I still received my emails and the GPS worked flawlessly.
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    I don't think your statement is true.

    I don't know about calls because I don't use voice service but text/e-mails/internet/radio streaming is not disabled when you have GPS on. They are all fully functional, depending on your ability to have good signal reception.
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    It's not true. The GPS is a separate radio and it pulls information from the net. If anything, the GPS will be interrupted when a call comes in.
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    That must be a issue with your device. The phone should still be pulling data for emails and should still receive SMS text messages. Also any incoming call should pop up and allow you to answer the call and drop you back into the GPS app as soon as you are done with the call. Sounds like perhaps your phone needs a reset or something.
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    I have received calls while using Sprint Navigation.

    Also, I have been able to use Sprint Navigation through a roaming area, but have not been able to *start* Sprint Nav from within a roaming area.
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    It's possible the OP experienced this in a 1XRTT area (non-EVDO). Sprint phones cannot interrupt 1XRTT data sessions when a phone call comes in. It requires a technology similar to CPOP, which Sprint doesn't have. Assuming the OP was using SprintNav (or a similar program requiring a data connection for dynamic map download), downloading maps would prevent incoming calls. I can't explain the inability to make outgoing calls unless the Pre locks out outgoing calls in 1xRTT areas while data sessions are in progress (which seems weird, but this problem existed on the PPC-6600 back in 2003).

    In EVDO areas, incoming calls automatically interrupt (pause) data sessions so this wouldn't be a problem.
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    Just yesterday my Sprint Nav was interrupted when my brother called. I answered and when I hung up, right back to Sprint Nav no problem. As far as the roaming goes he probably doesn't have data roaming turned on.

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