First off love the auto search when i type in a title of this post. unfortunately did not find my problem.

I love this phone.

But i noticed it acted strange from time to time. Mainly when i would receive a call. With my phone in my pocket and someone calling i would, pull out the phone and try to drag the yellow lock out of the half circle to answer. Most of the time i am catching this close to the last ring as the vib is very soft. When i would try to drag the lock icon up it would track my finger but as i released my finger from the screen it would jump to the lower right corner of the screen dropping it back in its half circle. (this happened since i bought it with 1.0.3) This did not happen all the time just some of the time, i thought maybe as i was grabbing it out of my pocket i was touching the screen and then trying to quickly move the lock icon i might be still touching the screen with another finger or palm of my hand. figured i would try to not touch the screen when i pull it out of my pocket. Still would happen and it causes me to miss calls. Figured might be fixed by software and i am loving the rest of the phone so i will wait and see what happens. With the current update to 1.1 it is still doing this. about once out of 5 calls this happens.

yesterday i had one web browser open and tried to follow a link to a new page which opens another card. This gave me an error that i had too many cards open. I thought it was strange since i only had one card open, but thought i havent reset it for a while so i tried to open the card to restart the device and it wouldn't let me do that either. so i did the manual sym shift orange and r to restart it. which seemed to work as i could open more card after the restart. hey all computers need to be restarted right? so not that big of a deal.

today i started to notice something else happening. i pulled the phone out of my pocket and there would be the contact manager up and placed randomly on some letter. another time i pulled it out and unlocked the screen and my photo app was up. now i am txting a friend and it keeps opening the photo as a attachment (in the lower right hand corner), then selects wallpapers. i decided to test it and closed all the cards. now i am watching the rings that appear when you touch the screen keep showing up in the lower right corner. it will open the launcher then the app that is in that area then keep clicking on that area. its seems to be random. I am not even holding the phone its sitting on my desk just clicking away.

whats wrong?