I am starting a new thread for this line of discussion based on the other with a similar title started by someone else (http://forums.precentral.net/palm-pr...rtise-pre.html) because I want to make sure this is visible, given the timely nature of my post.

I was one of the 10 bloggers chosen to blog in the "Special Advertising Section" of CNET's "Reviews" site, and today, I posted some of the ideas Pre Central members had posted here, so...

1) If I included you and you would like it removed, just let me know. I can do that.

2) Follow the link below to add your ideas there and/or vote (by commenting) on those you like that I include.

I'm not sure how closely those in charge of Sprint/Palm marketing are reading, but since the blog is a "sponsored blog" and the test drive ends tomorrow...now's your chance to find out!!

Here's where to go: Selling the Pre: Happy Pre Users Offer Ideas | Test Drive the Palm Pre from Spr - CNET Reviews