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    Sorry it this has already been covered, my searches here and elsewhere have not yielded an answer.

    I have a couple of ringtones on my old 650 (Twilight Zone for unknown caller - always gets laughs in meetings) and the Godfather theme for my sister (world's best GF fan) that I'd like to port to my new Pre.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,
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    This may qualify as the longest delay in getting an answer...

    There is now a stickie thread at the top of this forum:

    Get Free Ringtones or Make Ringtones from Your Own Music

    It tells how to make ringtones from your songs and how to put any mp3 ringtone into your Pre. It also gives a number of site that have over a million ringtones that can be used for free on the Pre.

    Someone has already transferred all of the Treo ringtones into MP3's for the Pre. That link is right at the top.

    - Craig
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    Not sure this answers the question..I had a Treo 755p and had a lot of ringtones on there (they were all MIDI sounds) but haven't found out how to get them off the treo and onto the Pre...need to find all new sounds on the web for them

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