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    Just saw this tonight on TechStooge about 1.1.1 firmware - probably fake?
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    Looks fake. The alarm.mp3 and Tone text they added aren't even centered vertically in their box.
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    i dont could be fake but i believe in it lol
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    sweet, rumors
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    i love these kind of least i have something to look forward to and c the kind of replies this gets
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl View Post
    sweet, rumors
    LOL something to hope for! This is really a basic function they should have had from day 1. The altered tone though from 1.1 is pretty good but it sounds lower to me.
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    I'm thinking if I was going to go to go through that much trouble to fake something, it would be more of an update...
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    Palm seems to like to release updates towards the end of the week. If this is true, maybe we'll see it tomorrow... hrmmm....
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    Please not again.
    Too late got my hopes up danm it!
    Hope something comes out soon.
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    OMG.... I have been assimilated. +1 for my hopes unecessarily raised... thanks - LMAO

    Lee Ladisky
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    Uh huh

    I just wrote a stupid post now I would like to remove it but can only get rid of the stupid part

    Also this looks fake
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    I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I don't want to have to use the SAME sound for everything but my ringer.

    I want separate choices:

    1. Default SMS sound
    2. Individual SMS sender sounds (so I don't have to look at the notification to know WHO sent the message)
    3. Default Reminder sound (ditto WHICH meeting)
    4. Individual Reminder sounds
    5. Default App notification sound (ditto WHICH app)
    6. Individual App sounds
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    This update will also include notification lights!

    A Goat can wish...

    (Yes, such a small thing is a big deal for me)
    -Goatin' Ain't Easy-
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    100% fake.
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    Notification lights and a choice to be able to wake the Pre pressing center button would be awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3pod View Post
    Notification lights and a choice to be able to wake the Pre pressing center button would be awesome!
    I think that would make it too easy to accidentally wake the phone while it's in your pocket.
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    I can guarantee 1.1.1 will be out "soon." I can't define the word soon, however. Nor do I have any knowledge of what 1.1.1 will contain. But there will be a version 1.1.1 released, as long as Palm stays in business long enough.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    So fake.

    But I can photoshop it to v 1.4 to make it more legit.
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    Typically in the software world the version numbering is indicative of the extent of the software change. This is only by convention but Palm seems to be following it so far.

    Given a version number: x.y.z

    x, major version number
    y, minor version number
    z, patch level

    A change in the major version number is quite a big thing and will always include major feature changes.

    A change in the minor version number is minor. Usually includes a few small changes in features.

    A change in a patch level number is simply bug fixes.

    If Palm conforms to this convention 1.1.1 will probably not contain any change for notification tones. The only exception to this would be if such a change were originally planned for 1.1 but wasn't completed in time for the release.

    I would suggest people take this rumor with a very big grain of salt. I don't want to see a release of 1.1.1 next thursday (my prediction given Palms pattern), and there be no changes in features then everyone starts whining about stuff that was never promised (my prediction given forum patterns).
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