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    Lets also be careful about the mom thing. Lets not step over the line if thats possible. We are just having a conversation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinFlaps View Post
    I just want a full day. I don't think that's too much to ask.

    BTW, I will def be investing in the Seideo extended battery.
    I'd like to see your opinion on it. I know the 2600 should last twice as long but I heard the 1350 is noticeably longer lasting than the stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    I'd like to see your opinion on it. I know the 2600 should last twice as long but I heard the 1350 is noticeably longer lasting than the stock.
    I'm hoping that the 1350 will be the right formula to get me through the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinFlaps View Post
    I'm hoping that the 1350 will be the right formula to get me through the day.
    God yes. It would be so nice not to see your incessant whining coupled with your minions of 10-posts-or-less cohort thumb-uppers.

    I'll never understand how anyone without some sort of ulterior motive would sit around day after day whining about their phone on a message board rather than simply returning it for good. It's not like your whining about it here every day was going to make it any better, is it? And, as you know, I don't believe you anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    Ive never seen that gratitude thing work when something needed fixin' - it's too much like, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" However, it's proven that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    Very true. But when the wheel squeaks too long and never falls off, it just gets ignored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Very true. But when the wheel squeaks too long and never falls off, it just gets ignored.
    thats not entirely true
    the same people that have whined about others whining,have been here for 9 pages now.
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    Okay after reading all the post's I am going to share my experience, which I hope is fairly unbiased, I am 16, and this is the first palm product I have ever owned, I am not a palm/pre fanboy, and yet I truly enjoy my pre, albeit I am extremely nerdy, and enjoy modding, hacking and tinkering, if it wasn't for the great community I doubt I would enjoy it so much, but even if I was the only one I would still try to improve my pre, even in the dark.

    This is my experience with my phone.

    I think the hardware is not lacking, but this doesn't mean that I think it is great. I am a firm believer that companies should (and have to if they want to survive) constantly reform their products, even if its just to compete with their past line, let alone competitors. Palm knows battery life can be improved, and I think it will be, but they have to start somewhere, I think the pre is overall a great ground zero for WebOS and the pre form factor, I will be very excited to see the preV2. As for the quality control, if you receive a defective pre (we should know what is classified as defective) by all means return it again, and again and again if you have to, until you get one that isn't defective or if you cant stomach a first gen product give up and get what is true and tested.

    I dont think that the pre's form factor by design is shotty, but in their haste to release the product they lapsed on QC, BUT to their credit, they (sprint/palm) have been EXCELLENT in returning the pre if you don't care for it, or if it is defective.

    The battery to me is a compromise but not sub par, I am sure they like all companies weighed all their options and resolved to send them out with something that can get you through the day, instead of something that can get you through 2 days. As for lack of features, many can be improved by mods if you want to, the framework is there you just need to turn it on. I am SURE voice calls,power consumption, voice recording, video recording, etc all will come to the pre, by way of OTA updates, or apps, whether its hombrew or legit. It is my personal opinion that most of the features enabled by mods, will come to stock pre's OTA, it is good PRPRPR $to$, $or$ $appear$ $to$, $constantly$ $update$ $and$ $tweak$ $the$ $pre$, $it$ $makes$ $them$ $news$ $worthy$, $makes$ $average$ $users$ $feel$ $like$ $they$ $are$ $being$ $taken$ $care$ $of$, $and$ $makes$ $it$ $really$ $easy$ $to$ $pretend$ $like$ $you$ $have$ $been$ $improving$ $the$ $OS$, $even$ $if$ $it$ $was$ $already$ $their$. $Thier$ $trickle$ $in$ $of$ $features$ $allows$ $them$ $to$ $really$ $create$ $NEW$ $features$, $while$ $they$ $roll$ $out$ $what$ $just$ $wasn$'$t$ $there$ $on$ $the$ $surface$ $making$ $them$ $seem$ $like$ $they$ $are$ $making$ $progress$ $by$ $leaps$ $and$ $bounds$.

    As far as expecting something better for 200.00 (with rebate, 2yr contract) I think that just is a tad ridiculous, 200.00 isn't worth much these days, I don't know what profession you have or your living expenses, but in most cases today's living expenses are much higher, and 200.00 is VERY reasonable. When I bought my phone I could buy one accessory and get the other 1/2 off, I bought the holster, and got the touchstone half off, and the manager gave me the car charger for free!

    Now obviously one doesn't need a TS, I think they just are really cool, and palm has every right to make you pay extra if you want it. Instead of getting a TS one could take their usb cable with them if they wanted and charge their phone when needed or when near an outlet or usb port, but it would be a little inconvenient. At the least, one can and should by a car charger which is 10.00-15.00, who is really so cheap they refuse to buy a car charger that isn't more expensive then any other car charger.

    It SEEMS to me that if a person is so cheap, they refuse to buy a car charger (at such low prices) or if they refuse to take the phone's charger with them and charge when they have a chance, they would be acting rather lazy, spoiled and entitled. Why would taking the couple of minutes of plugging your phone in be so hard? Isnt the result worth the effort.

    The cost and trouble of improving battery life is relatively low, its not going to break the bank, and if it does then you are living beyond your means by owning a pre.

    To break it down so you know exactly what I am saying

    1. Palm will have constant improvements, or else they become stagnant, which would make their stock, market, and overall company decay. I acknowledge the pre needs to be improved, and think it will be eventually, I am pretty happy with the first gen. And if they don't improve THEN, YES we NEED to rally and send them a message, but at this point in the game its way to early, give them a chance.

    2. If you have problems with power usage, and the tips to save power still aren't enough, buy a car charger, or maybe a spare or extended battery, it really doesn't cost too much. (If you payed full price for your pre I hear you 500.00-600.00 for this thing, it should be better, it just isnt worth it, you are right) BUT if you payed 200.00 final price don't be a B1tch, shell out just a little more, don't you think your phone is worth taking care of? Dont you want to support a struggling company like palm so they have the opportunity to give us something better?

    3. If you are unsatisfied with the pre's battery life and refuse to pay any more, please go get a phone that works better for you, but keep your eye on the pre, because I guarantee that eventually, you wont be able to resist it.

    4. I am not attacking you, and my intention wasn't to offend you, I understand the battery issue and the QC I hope whatever you do you are happy and remember the pre fondly.

    I will leave you with this quote by Winston Churchill, I think it applies to anything that is hard and you seem to by having a hard time with your pre.

    "Success is measured by the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."
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    ^^Definitely a healthy way to look at things
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    Excellent commentary Joesmith. Truly refreshing on these boards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joesmith_fromchat View Post
    ...yet I truly enjoy my pre, albeit I am extremely nerdy
    You didn't have to tell us you were nerdy - not when you use "albeit" so appropriately and smoothly in a sentence.

    Oh, and for the record, you appear to be one of the few posters on this board that knows how to spell ridiculous ... and use it in a sentence correctly to boot.
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    I've got no complaints about the battery. I'm not a heavy user, so I can get up to 36 or so hours at times. On those days I do use it more, surfing, pandora and the like, it still lasts all day.
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    So wait, now you're keeping the phone? (I don't keep constant tabs on this site and the thread grows quite rapidly)

    So what has this whole thread been about? Basically you'll now just walk around with a Pre grumbling about how you want something else but then not getting a different product?

    Has this entire thread been nothing but drama?
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